Requiem of a decade

2010 At the beginning of the decade, life was all about deciding whether I want to do engineering or not and if I wanted to do engineering, then what should I study: Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Take the first case of not doing engineering.I was an uninformed brute as I didn’t knew about design … Continue reading Requiem of a decade

State of music (streaming apps) in India (right now)

Note: Being in Product Development for long, I consider UI a part of UX  and not a standalone thing. So whenever I will say UX , you need to consider it ,UI-UX. Even some big design agencies in India still consider them two stand-alone things , which they aren’t and that is where most of … Continue reading State of music (streaming apps) in India (right now)

Decisions and their ripple effects

Okay, this is the longest I had gone without writing. Last post was in December’17. This is May’18 (which is about to end). Total gap of 4-5 months. In between this period, the only time I got reminded that I have a blog is that when I got a receipt that my domain is renewed … Continue reading Decisions and their ripple effects