Role models….

It’s been a while since I wrote something…

The past two weeks were a quite of roller coaster like experience. Many things happened , some good,  some bad but that is the beauty of life timeline that in everybody’s life they always have good times and bad times in balance but the problem is our perception and we often confuse them with each other.

Among the not-so-good  things,  tagging to a permanent project team is still not visible and the mentioned two weeks were quite a pain-in-the-wallet. But as it is said,  you need to make an investment to harvest any profit, even with a possibility of < 1%.

Now, back to counting blessings,  interacted with my role model and learned a lot from that too.  During interactions,  if you just keep an open mind and observe keenly, you can learn a lot ( sometimes that is the only way also).

Is he my first role model?
No, not at all. 

Right from the beginning, I realized that in order to succeed in life,  I might have to look up onto somebody for the proper sense of direction as it is way too easy to get lost in the maze of life.

My experiments with role model began,  i think, when I was in Class 2,  i began admiring my uncle (mother's brother to be accurate) Kishore Anand . He is quite an accomplished man in everything. Then came Bill Gates ( he doesn't need introduction,  as per I know)  and then Anshumani Ruddra ( you might know him if you follow the Indian game scene).

I have learned a lot of things from them like keeping head cool when things go south,  thinking of way out of most troublesome situations,  being a continuous learner and being  creative with technical know-how.

Having a role model in life has many advantages :
1. You have the idea that you are in right path or not.
2. You don't get lost in the world with uncertainty and disappointment as you will have someone to look up to.
3. You will know what is right for you and what is not.
4. And most of all,  you will never loose faith that if they can survive the odds,  you can too…

That's it…  Find a role model…  Period…

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