Remembering the Past…

It’s been a while since I wrote something about any App which is a wonderful way to remember our past but it also states/reinforces the fact that “to remember one’s past, one need to have few apps ;let alone one is going to remember others past”. Some like to call it “intersection of life and apps”; I like to call it “invasion of apps in life”, but hey as Harrison Ford boldly and gladly stated in the movie “Paranoia”, “privacy is a myth”.

It started when I was going through my Twitter feed around 11am (believe me I am the guy who has nothing productive to do, thanks to the wonderful company which is paying me for doing nothing) and I saw a tweet about the Timehop app and found it amusing.

So what does that app do actually?
Now a days we all tend to upload our lives online :
1). All pictures/videos to Dropbox/Google Drive.
2). Social interactions and  relationships to Facebook.
3). Our instantaneous thoughts (which can be expressed in 140 characters) to Twitter.
4). Our instantaneous long thoughts to Tumblr and WordPress.
5). Our precious moments / images in Instagram.
(Above I have only mentioned the most popular ones, yet there are other options like Box, Orkut, Flickr, etc to do so. )

So how does it work?
It’s simple.
When you get the app through the respective appstore, Google play for Android and Appstore for iOS, you just have to select the options from where the Timehop will sync data according to the date and will display it to you on that day few years later with heading 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and so on.

So how does it look?
It looks like this.

I have connected few of my apps which I use on daily basis. I was using Dropbox but thanks to new improved Google Photos, I migrated to it from Dropbox. But the integration didn’t work. I tried a lot of things to fix it by scrolling the internet but didn’t able to make it work. So I left it there and connected the rest in that app and was amused when it started showing up my past on my face everymorning. Past was not a cakewalk for me. It more of a Grilled Chicken walk, some very good and some very bad and some I never understood.

But a problem aroused as I had been using Dropbox since 2011 so my memories are there for the last 4 years and my Timehop started giving me blank entries. So I then installed Carousel for the Dropbox memories and life is pleasant (sometimes awkwardly pleasant too) since then.

So how does Carousel looks like?

Now let’s take case of our parents, they are not dependent on anything to remember their past, they just remember and now we are a generation, some call it millennial, Gen x, Gen y, what not, even superior to our ancestors and we have lot less attention span and way less memory retention capacity than them and still how we are better than them, I really doubt on that.

Aren’t we were talking about Apps to remember the past?
So, let’s get back to that again.

User Interface is OK of Timehop. It is Minimal type and not that strain at eyes when looked at for a long time.

Problem solving is happening. We are too much busy to remember our past as we are busy in doing nothing.

So overall use it. I recommend it. And it works on your PC and MacBook too.

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