Sense of direction…

The idea of this post was originally conceived as an Instagram post which I made few days back. It was a normal quotation (by me).  It was like this.


So, what was the background story for this type of post?
Recently after a long battle / struggle, I finally got a project and it felt boring which can be understood by my this tweet ( also few days back).


Joining this team started a battle inside me and with others who are in my team. It is not a physical battle ; it is more of a mental type or it will be better to call it “the battle of ideologies”.  What they are saying might be true, but I feel they are disillusioned as they still haven’t figured out, ” What they actually want from their life?” and without this question to guide you, it is very easy to get lost in the world, thanks to the modern day society which breeds on Reality TV shows, dual face meetings and empathy is a long lost word in their dictionary upon which the world was really built upon.

I made some assumptions and sat down with them for tea to verify my assumptions and all of it came out TRUE.

Their first mistake is that they don’t know what they want to do in life?  Be it on personal side or professional side, they are still clueless.

Second in their job search process, they are not using smart improvisation. Job profiles are same in every company of the same tier level but what is different is that the name they use to describe it. And in that scenario, to avoid confusion among job seekers, there is a specific industry term for that and they don’t know what is that and they aren’t searching according to it, they are doing with the company specific names. If you have to go to America, first you need to learn about America and then figure it out : how and why? But saying, I want to go to London of America, will never yield any result.

Then came their next mistake : the lack of optimism. Yes, optimism. You need to be optimistic about your work that if you work smartly and beautifully, you will never fail and in the worst case, you will figure out a way out of it. Optimism comes from the self belief that you are strong enough to leave a legacy for the next generation. Many people lack this, these days. All they care about is their impressions on others, money and security but they don’t matter. What matters is the legacy.

Sense of direction is important. It makes you wake up in the morning to work towards a dream and gives me enough fire to go through the darkest hours of the life as everything new has to go through the darkest possible hours which one can imagine.

I may be wrong, but I have my assumptions and without checking it out with the world, I am not going to mark it as FALSE.

My recent attitude, many people have started calling it my Arrogance, recently got +1ed by this wonderful book I came across.


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