Parents – Children relationship…

Note : Parent refers to my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother.

It may be the randomest thing / topic on which I am taking the pleasure to bore  you and by random, I mean, the topic came to me accidentally while I was analysing my surrounding as I was forced to be engaged in an activity in which I had lost interest early in my life.

I, hope, my sister will agree to this interpretation of our ( me + her ) upbringing by our parents.

I am about to write it in the format of  essay which I used to strictly follow till my Class 12th , first points and then their descriptions.

Now, points :
1. Be realistic.
2. Don’t have wrong expectations.
3. Stop fooling around.
4. EARN everything.

In the above mentioned 4 points, I suppose everything will be covered nicely.

Now, to their descriptions.
1. Be realistic.
Now what does that mean? Let me clearly state that being realistic doesn’t mean being pessimistic. It means judging the surrounding and considering every factors while making a decision about anything. The most important thing that we were taught that you should give your best and then be optimistic that someday you will get the desired result when it will be necessary. Not every action has an immediate result.  Some takes time and when it happens, it will be worth the wait. So have patience and let the things happen as they are happening.

2. Don’t have wrong expectations.
People are complicated. Some are good. Some are bad. And some are grey in nature. Most people will never help you unless they have a hidden motive. So when dealing with people, we should keep our feets on the ground, no matter what the situation may be and try to be good to everyone because good things happens to good people. But be careful because not people are good and they are mostly like the big bad wolf in the old fable story Red Riding hood. So be careful before expecting something from peoples as you will not like when that expectations break.

3. Stop fooling around.
This may be the hardest lesson they taught us. Our parents may have wealth, all the facilities, educational achievements but they are not meant to be inherited and we are not going to inherit them at any cost. At max, we  will inherit the wealth and then what, we are not capable of maintaining it and we will exhaust it and then we are at zero again. So we should be try to be able to handle all the situations and to do that, we should first learn to stop fooling around and follow this process : see, analyse, filter and learn. That way we will experience lot of situations and learn about and from that.

4. EARN everything.
Don’t ever expect any thing free from the life. Everything has a price and we have to pay it, willingly or unwillingly. I remember lot of times, when we were children and we have to engage in an interesting conversation with them to prove that we actually need it. If we proved this, good we will get that or else it is better to forget about it as our tantrums will not take us far. At that point it was frustrating but now it all made sense. Earning things makes us realise its value and we will do our  best to preserve it and while doing the effort to earn something makes one responsible and that is an important point to be considered when you are raising a kid. And it makes one learn to humbly accept win and politely embrace failures. And learning to embrace the failure, makes one mature in life. Although lots of factors goes to the maturity, but it can be said as the foundation of one’s character. You don’t want to make a kid, so soft that everytime someone tests his / her mettle, he / she starts crying and ran back to the home.

I suppose I was lucky to have them, though it took time to realise it.





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