Yesterday, thanks to my improper eating routine,  I hit the rock bottom , again and it made me realize that to keep my experiments in check if I want to remain healthy in the future. But the aftereffects is going to take its time before fading away completely.

So why I am telling you all this? Because of that I woke up at 3 AM and had nothing to do.  So I started reading about


. Last month I was reading the book The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene and there was quite a lot of mention of this word and though I didn’t knew the exact meaning of the word then , but I guessed the meaning partially correct. So I googled it and read about it.

There I got introduced to the

Dark Triad

of the personality and spent the entire night reading about it finally dozing off at 6 AM as I need to go to office also.


It is an interesting thing to learn about.

The dark triad is a group of three personality traits: Narcissism ,Machiavellianism and Psychopathy.

So what are these, basically?

  1. Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity,pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy.
  2. Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception.
  3. Psychopathy is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness, callousness, and remorselessness.


So after reading about it, I did my favorite job. ( My experiments with The Beautiful Mind still give me shivers). Started experimenting on my Personality on those basis.

Let’s first take narcissism.
I am a partial. If I am friends with someone, I will be a good friend but even on the slight mistake from the other party that result in the breaking of the trust, I completely lose my empathy and delete that person from everywhere. And given the chance I can make their life a perfect imitation of hell and when my hammer is going to fall on them, they just can’t expect or plan anything as I know all the variables pretty well. I have a pretty good timing. This behavior of mine shows that I have an ego and I am proudy. And I have no shame in telling that as “what is true, is true”.

Now let’s go to machiavellinism.
Early on in my school days, I had problems trusting people, so I began analysing them and became a somewhat good reader of one’s character. And what I had expected of them, they keep on proving me right (always) . Though I used to give them chances but people never changes their true character. Some people will disagree with me counter stating that I judged some people wrong and put myself in danger but I already knew that and willingly took a chance with them but I knew from the beginning who is going to disappoint me and who is going to amaze me. And the only reason I allowed that to happen was because I wanted to see its effect on me. My those chances gave me the life experiences which a person would take a lot of time to gain and some people will never ever experience it also. Then why did I take those chances?
BECAUSE I can bounce back from anything and had bounced back a number of times from very bad situations. And I am proud of that.
So how does that relate to Machiavellinism?
Because if someone is that good at bouncing back from situations, i had always engineered my relationship-ends as i didn’t found them satisfying or valuable anymore. Yes I hurt the other person in the process but they didn’t gave me any other choice. I got hurt in the process but I keep on bouncing back and started working on the NEXT thing.
I am good at engineering (it includes reverse engineering also) and that extends to my social life.

Now psychopath.
Yes, I have been called that a lot of times in my life. But if having intense focus on the end goal of one’s life is labelling psychopath, I am ready to accept that. I have some dreams and I need them desperately so I will do anything to get them.
And who is not a psychopath?
Lots of successful people I had met and known in my life are Psychopath and they don’t deny it as the people who don’t have the courage to pursue their dreams label the others, psychopath.

So , I may be not a Good Boy afterall. But who cares about that as long as I am getting things done.


On a funnier note to end this , I give you this:

Psychopath cartoonic description

Motive of this post:

SS , what happened between us is not your fault entirely. It was a planned exit and you should stop berating yourself and start living life NORMALLY.

PP , you were never an experiment and never will be. You are an integral part of my life and will continue to be.

11 thoughts on “Revelations…

  1. You’re almost on the right track, Abhinav. You are assessing yourself against the triad and determining results. You are comparing those results to baselines. I’d like to see you continue that assessment in a specific direction; what you can do with this knowledge to increase your own power.


      1. Consider your fears. Those are where nascent powers lie. Here is your first lesson:

        YOU MUST LIVE.

        The prime imperative of all living things is to remain alive. Survival is the infinite and timeless source of inventiveness. Life creates by its very nature as both exultation and desperation. This is why suicide and despair are mortal and unforgivable sins.

        Look at each moment as potentially fatal. Use your imagination to envision a deadly threat emerging from unexpected places. For nine days sharpen your awareness to avoid being killed.

        Narcissism: Survival is the highest expression of self love.
        Machiavellianism: Desperation is the root of creativity.
        Psychopathy: Instinctive ruthlessness is its core engine.

        Lesson: Look at each moment as potentially fatal. Use your imagination to envision a deadly threat emerging from unexpected places. For nine days sharpen your awareness to avoid being killed.

        Exploration: What were stark moments in which you realized you had been careless for your own survival? What was your posture at the beginning of the lesson? What were your perceptions? What are they now? How have you been contributing to your own moments of fatal vulnerability?

        The development of a Dark Triad Man is born from a combination of necessity, desperation and innovation. Those ingredients are the birth waters for a mindset of unhesitating ferocity that that accepts nothing less than survival, power and ultimately a legacy left behind.

        The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man are derived from many sources. The most important source is the burning unstoppable fire to live that underpins everything that a man must think, do and be. You have that fire within you. For many men that fire is behind a door of fear, ridicule and social control.

        I have given you the First Law: survival.

        Share with me a primary adaptation that you will embody in the future to advance your own probability of survival.

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