Problems and it’s Solutions.

I might be the right guy to talk about this as I always had the pleasure to create more problems around me and when I create problems, I create big ones which automatically raises the stake very high and somebody else needs to come and solve it for me but solution-by-others used to be the case of some years back and it created a sense of dependency on others and depending on others is the worst thing I can imagine in my life because if you are dependent on others, in their absence you are just lost and can’t figure out your next moves for that situation. So it is better to try solving it by hit and trial method. But is “hit and trial” method is the only one method to solve problem?

So I devised a blueprint of problem solving of few steps using which any problem can be solved and even if the problem isn’t solved, the stakes will be lowered because you would have already neutralized some of the issues which led to heightened of the stakes.

These are the few approaches to solve a problem and it is arranged in the “experience” level i. e.  you reach the next step once you understood the base level ; Yes, you can jump but it will not be useful as you will not have your basics correct and that can create problems in the later stages.

Steps :
1. Hit and Trial.
2. Socialize.
3. Read.
4. Breaking and Simplifying.
5. Ignoring.

1. Hit and Trial.
This is the basic one and the most important one. You have a problem at hand and you don’t know how to approach it. So you have to start thinking pragmatically and lay out few possible solutions. And start applying them, sometimes it will solve the problem, sometimes it will not but it will surely solve it partially or it will make the problem more clear. As most of the times , we look at the problem from the wrong angle and by redefining problem (correctly) will again lay out few possible solutions which we again have to try. But what will be the next step when all your laid out possible solutions fails ; this makes us go to our next step.

2. Socialize.
We have all kinds of people around us and we are always ashamed to go to them and ask them and talk to them regarding them.  Yes, you can say that people don’t always help you and appreciate that you are trying to solve a problem by yourself instead they will laugh at you. Yes, people are like that. But not all.  You have to figure out the right persons to approach.
How will you learn to differentiate among people?
By experience. It may take some time, but you will eventually become a good reader of people’s character and the sooner you learn this art, the better for you. So now you have the people to talk to, they will share their experiences and in that experience you may find your solutions or you may again redefine your problem.  So what now, if the problem is not solved but we will have a brand new look at the problem. We go to the next logical step.

3. Read.
Reading is a dangerous habit. It opens your mind. It gives you new ideas about a lot of things and the more you read, the more avenues opens up for you to go and explore.
So how does Reading is related to solving a problem?
When you read something, you actually walk through one’s mind, you get to see their thought process and their experiences and with all that in hand you can approach your problem and might solve it. But if not, congratulations, you are going to redefine your problem (again).

4. Breaking and Simplifying.
Now we are going on the Maths way. We are going to break it in the simple subproblems and try to solve them in the bottom-up manner and by doing that most of the problems gets solved. As to solve the subproblems, you are going to start from the step 1 only as at the root level, subproblem is also a problem and these is the right method to solve a problem. And even after that if your problem is not solved then sorry to say the final step is your final retort.

5. Ignoring.
Yes, ignore it.
Not all the problems are meant to be solved. And not all the problems are meant to be solved completely. So just sit back and relax as you are not going to enjoy your life if you don’t have a problem in life.

And if you want to grow in life, start finding problems to solve or better, CREATE IT.

7 thoughts on “Problems and it’s Solutions.

  1. What’s up i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i
    read this piece of writing i thought i could also create comment due
    to this brilliant piece of writing.


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