Yes, Rants.

I do enjoy ranting about everything I find “rant-able”.

What is actually “ranting” ?
It is a long, angry and impassioned speech. (as per dictionary, Google it if you want)

It is generally religiously practiced by the old generation about the work, ideologies and beliefs of our current generation.

Don’t believe me? Go and talk to anyone above 55 years of age and sooner and later they will start it. As I was writing the above line, I just figured out a new definition of the word “ranting”.

Ranting is a long and angry speech which is very hateful in its origin but is presented in an intelligent sarcastic way. And it is not generalised, as not all elder people do it. Only those do it who has failed to achieve something and is generally jealous of some one younger who is showing some promise that he/she will achieve their goals.

Okay, now let’s begin ranting. But there are too many things I rant about day in and day out. And now that I have decided to rant about them in the blog to make it my legacy, I no longer remember them. I think the reason would be the movies I saw today. The movies were :
1. Ek paheli leela
2. The big lebowski
3. What women want

I know you are judging me because of the first mentioned film. But I had nothing to do and my pg owner chose the cheapest channel plan available and that left me with lots of hindi channels and South Indian channels and now a days Hindi channels are hell bent on only showing South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. So I decided to watch it because I kinda liked it’s songs. And the last part of the movie, the climax amazed me. It was not what I expected and I like everything that I can’t expect.

Then The Jeff Bridges redefined the definition of the word Dude in the cult classic The Big Lebowski. How I missed this piece of ultimate class and pop culture? I really need to re-evaluate the people with whom I spend my time, they aren’t adding anything new and are taking me back to the Stone age. I am more than interested in learning about Pop Culture now than ever and hoping that it will be of some use in the future. Right now it is pitch black from where I am standing and trying to peek into it.

What women want. No body in the world knows. I have met some really smart women in my life and what really made us part our way was our understanding(misunderstanding) of each other. Mel Gibson cracked that code and exploited it wonderfully in the movie. God, can I have that power also? Not for forever but for 1 hr daily for the rest of my life. That would be fine because that thing for 24 hrs, daily can really make things worse because  it is a real life not reel.

I ranted a little bit above. But it is not structured, it is random ; though I like randomness in real life but in work, I prefer to be structured.

The list of items on which I am going to rant about :
1. Comic book wannabe experts.
2. Wannabe technology experts.
3. Wannabe cool dudes.

1. Comic book wannabe experts.

Now a days, it seems like the storytellers in the Hollywood had run out of stories and they are just making lots of movies inspired from the fabled comics all thanks to the foresightedness of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan who showed us what comic book movies should be. Disney/Marvel are just churning out movies like Rohit Shetty and they are doing a great job in making money but they are still far away from great content. And the people now a days, hadn’t read a comics in their entire life, don’t know what Manga is, Anime is, but they all saw some movies and started claiming they know everything about it and they are so high in their ignorance that it is quite impossible to bring them some understanding of the legacy of the comic books. Without knowing simple basics of the superheroes and villains, they are just making assumptions. Okay, making assumptions is not bad, but keep it with yourself only. You are not Frank Miller or Neil Gaiman and can never will be because you can’t think. So before you start commenting on what is what and who is who, better start reading some comics.

2. Wannabe Technology experts.
Now a days thanks to YouTube and several unemployed youtubers, you get a lots of bullshit opinions disguised as expert reviews on all technical devices, programming languages and upcoming technologies.
Imagine a high school failure who can’t even solve a simple calculus problem telling you about the Machine Learning.
Imagine a person whose first handheld device in his life was an iPhone and he is telling you about iOS vs Android and the best part is they are telling you in technical terms of which they also didn’t have any idea what it is.

3. Wannabe cool dudes.
Lots are around us. Telling us what to do, how to do, when to do and why to do irrespective of whether they had done that in their life or not. People have advices for almost everything and the way they tell you it almost makes you think, “is it even possible?”. And some are your friends, you can’t even ask them to Shut Up. But it has a solution also, slowly and slowly drift away from them, by doing that you aren’t burning the bridges, you are just going to the other end and you can always come back to meet them.

Now that I am tired of finding new content to add to this. I am adding new sections on my posts from now on. One will be a random cartoon pic which I encountered before pressing the Publish button and the another will be a song/video which I am hearing on Repeat mode in that period of time.

Random Cartoon :


Video on which I am hooked.

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