Time Capsule

Today while going through the discussion of how Buddha used to look between me and Siddhant, as we both had different opinions on it, I came to know about this interesting concept called Time Capsule and I decided to see what is my interpretation of it, so I decided to write a post about it.

Dear Abhi,

You know how I (you?) find it extremely difficult to take a first step in almost everything you decide to do. Whether it’s a post,a piece of software code, a short design doodle, a poem (remember you used to write those free-verse poems in under five minutes by ripping off popular songs for your crushes in college … I hope those instant urges of writing have become your famous and enduring creations), a text message or riding at high speed without thinking about gear change ; I always struggle with the first few steps. So much depends on the beginning; it defines everything which comes before and everything which will come after it. The first step is like a first kiss (and even though we know that things only start looking up after the third kiss – once you have figured your way around the shape, structure and style of the woman’s lips, tongue and the inner sanctum of her beautiful mouth – the first kiss usually seals the fate).

Damn! This is difficult.

Let’s be analytical about this thing and break it up into sections.

This is where your life stands on 10th March 2016.

My (Your) Belief System 

Just cause you’re hung like a moose doesn’t mean you gotta do porn.
— Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

What’s Up with You?

1. You are working on another post with a hope that some day people will start taking your writing seriously (you have to take it seriously too buddy).
2. You are planning to move to UK / Mumbai (the only two place which you loved without any logical explanation).
3. You are single and ready to mingle but not actively mingling.
4. There are too many books lying around in your room and you are thinking about taking a long leave to finish them so that you can buy some more. Your reading list is still a long way from being finished.
5. You only hate one set of persons with all your being (will you ever forgive that evil frigid group of bitches ?)

Recent Happenings

1. You realised you are not always right about others (you can also get emotionally hurt in a bookshop – oh! And you have recently figured out that you can get emotionally hurt).
2. Your already weak faith in arranged marriages is completely shaken.
3. You are dealing too many cards at once.
4. Keshav got a new job. Siddhant is about to join his next company. Raju is about to get married. You brag about it to anyone who’d lend you their ears willingly (or unwillingly) and you are so proud of your boys that your heart might explode any minute now. Khiru is about to complete his long dream of joining PSU. Samar is working his arse off (ok he is just trying to complete the front end assignment, God, how much he hates that job).

Your Short/ Long Term Aims


What Were You Thinking Before Writing This 

You were thinking about the word Anonymous. You were remembering how in kindergarten a teacher told you that Anon was a famous poet who wrote a lot of poems. Mom then told you the correct meaning of the word and you had blasted the living intellectual lights out of the teacher’s head. And you started doubting the teacher’s intelligence since then despite you come from a family of teachers (What a coincidence!) . Even today you are an egoistic bastard and you are proud of it (for your sake I hope you are; I warn you I’ll go medieval on your arse if you are not).

Then you were thinking that you had recently come across a blog (by accident) which seemed to belong to the Anshumani Ruddra who is influencing your life since past 1.8 years. You really seem to admire that guy and his mind.

There is also your last Tinder date(Who is way above your reach, “AS” ). You are not entirely certain that “AS” changed you or not but you came to see life through new perspective since. The Angel Theory. She also brings out the one quality in you that you hate as well as crave the most. Your anger (an outcome of your tickled ego – it cannot really be hurt, your ego that is) results in such an amazing outpour of words (which are very caustic in nature, mind you) that they destroy everything in their way. There is however the stamp of ingenuity on her, the mark of superiority, which you want all your words to carry. It’s a shame that anger is your greatest creative catalyst.

You were also thinking about the name Bhavna. You are really stuck on that name and praying almost everyday that you get a girl of that name only. You and your obsessions are still intolerable to you also.

You were also extremely hungry and were about to have a midnight maggi round.

I hope your life is chaotic and you don’t dream too often. That’ll happen only if you fall asleep when you are dead tired or when her (the tall, slim, hot intellectual’s) embrace is irresistible.


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