Blast from the Past

Today is what you call is a Chicken day. Every item I ate today had chicken in it some way or another. I love chicken and can eat it everyday and that makes my mother sad but when you live alone, you don’t have much choice in vegetarian food.

Day started early (at 6 am) as I had to meet a nice lady about a job opportunity but today wasn’t my day as she was looking for an iOS designer and I am more of an Android guy. Though I know the design principles and techniques , I thought I can give this thing a chance . So I met her at 8 am and we talked about design principles and she took me to a conference which was about Design Sprint. It is a design technique developed by Daniel Burka and Jake Knapp at Google Ventures. I first came to know about it by following the podcast of Kevin Rose. It is a very cool thing and I am in totally in love with it.

Here is the link, if you are interested. But if you want to be in Product Management someday, then it is a must for you.

Google Ventures:

Google UX:

Click to access DesignSprintMethods.pdf

Orthogonal Product Development :

So now, it is 11.34 pm and I am bored. So I decided to go through my previous journal entries and came across this piece of gem( I am writing journals since the age of 15, thanks mom for this good habit) . I wrote it just before my 21st birthday when I was at Bhubaneswar chilling and relaxing in the name of engineering.

The other day I was walking around in Pal Heights (huge Mall in Bhubaneswar ) and came across a father and son who were trying to buy some computer games. The son wanted to buy everything there was on the shelf and the father was trying to convince him that he would play the games for a few days and then get bored. The son wasn’t going to give up easily and the father too was a hard nut to crack. Six-seven years back that could have been my dad and me. Seeing the patient father talking to his son made me laugh at all the pitiful tricks I used to pull off to get what I wanted when I was young. Yes it’s hard to believe but it is true – I have matured and grown older. The final blow to my juvenile days came when I got bored playing GTA and NFS. I could not believe what was happening. Computer games, my love and hobby for the past so many years did not interest me any longer. I decided that the next time I play any game on the computer, it would be with my children. 

Tomorrow I turn 21 and that means I can legally vote and get married in any country of the world. I decided long back that I was never going to vote because of my complete lack of faith in the democratic system and my extreme hatred of all politicians. So one of my legal right becomes useless. Getting married on the other hand is always on my mind and I am a firm believer and supporter of the institution of marriage (find me a girl today and I’ll get married tomorrow). Jokes aside I do feel that purely arranged marriages in today’s world are a complete failure. They were successful in the past because of the extreme control of the society even in private matters, which always led to a compromise between the husband and wife. Even when the couples were miserable they pretended to be happily married to keep the rest of the world happy. 

The times have changed and couples have stopped compromising. If an arranged marriage ends in a divorce then the couple can blame a lot of people including their parents for the failure of their marriage. But why should others take this responsibility. The best option today is to let kids go ahead and get married. If their marriage fails, tough luck. At least they cannot blame others for their own mistakes. Luckily my parents share my views on this. So I have seven more years to find myself a girl and get married otherwise my parents take over the process. That’s 2555 days or 61320 hours or 3679200 minutes more. The last figure does give me some hope but I can hear the clock ticking inside my head. 

Another great thing that happened in Pal Heights that day was the end of the long battle between me being cute and me being nice. I think this battle does deserve a little background (most of my friends would think I have lost my mind for feeling so happy about such a dumb thing). 

I am quite sure that I make a good first impression on people (people mean girls from now on). But for some odd reason people always thought that I am a very nice guy. Now there is nothing wrong in being nice but when you find out that there are just three things that people (i.e. girls) say about guys after having met them, you realize that you did not get the best compliment. The ranking of these compliments goes something like this: Uuuggghhh, Nice and Cute. I don’t think I need to explain the first one. The second means exactly how the dictionary defines it: 

A city of southeast France on the Mediterranean Sea northeast of Cannes. Controlled by various royal houses after the 13th century, the city was finally ceded to France in 1860. It is the leading resort city of the French Riviera. Population: 342,903. 

Sorry! wrong definition: 

Pleasing and agreeable in nature, exhibiting courtesy and politeness, of good character and reputation, respectable. 

That’s exactly what girls think about you. But there is more. Being nice also means that you are good enough to be their best friend but not good enough to be their boy friend. It means the girls feel protected in your company (like the company of their elder brothers) and see you as a harmless creature. The mother of the girl friend of one our close friend remarked that engineers are harmless and she doesn’t mind her daughter hanging around with us. Though she meant it as a compliment, it is the main reason why so few of us have girl friends. Being called Nice is as bad as being called Gay (although there is nothing wrong in being gay). 

The third and the highest form of a compliment is Cute. Not only does the girl like you but she also wouldn’t mind going out with you if she already didn’t have a boyfriend. There have been only two occasions in my life (about which I know) that a good looking girl (yeah looks don’t matter that much but they do) called me cute. But it happened to be the same girl on both the occasions and I did end up going out with her. However I have been called Nice so many times by so many girls that I was beginning to loose faith in the cosmic truth:Good things happen to good people

But last week in Pal Heights, Mr. Cute won the battle over Mr. Nice so triumphantly that there is no chance in hell that Mr. Nice will ever surface again. Four gorgeous (hot) young women (all over the age of 18) found me extremely cute. Only I know what such a thing can do to ones confidence.. 

I am cute, I am 21 and life is good. What more can a man ask for. 

But now, fast forward 4.5 years to 2016, I am in the Uuuggghhh category. Getting into nice and cute category is a tough task for me now .

I am a little angry and frustated and going to sleep after pressing the Publish button.

In other news, my life sucks and I am now desperate for a single ray of hope.

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