Yes. A lesson was learnt the hard way. Mosquitoes were definitely there, but due to my carelessness, I thought I will buy the mosquito repellent in the coming month as it is only 5 days away  and what worse thing could happen in mere 5 days? But what happened completely blew away my mind. 

Prelude :

Office work was less so thought of going back to pg early and have some fun as it was Friday. So complete plan was set for booze and chicken. And they did happen as planned. 

And then the main thing happened. I started feeling severe body pain in the evening. I thought the chicken was bad or was badly cooked, so it was happening due to gastric issues and it will be over soon with eno and digene.  But then things worsen further. I was burning like a coal furnace due to high fever, so again I became doctor and took paracetamol. I couldn’t sleep that night due to fever and headache. Somehow the night passed. Next morning, I had to attend a blogger-meet-up at M G Road so popped two paracetamol and attended it. Writing blogs is a serious business and people are doing it full time with 100x more effort than me. And there is me who just writes because he has to write twice a month. I am incorrigible. When I was returning from meet-up, body pain and stomach pain began at full pace. So called my mom to know further about medicines which can be taken in this scenario. Mom told to call uncle and go to hospital.I have never liked hospitals. Since childhood, my grey cells have associated disease, pain and suffering with these institutions. On a conceptual level I understood that hospital is where people are cured from diseases. But the irrational side of my brain viewed all hospitals with great distrust. I decided to give it a night and to decide further actions in the morning. But wasn’t able to sleep that night due to body pain, stomach pain and fever. Everything at once. Gosh, that was painful. It felt like someone had broken all the bones of my body. Somehow passed the night and called my uncle first thing in the morning and told him that I need to get to a hospital. Till then, I didn’t had any rashes on my body, so nobody (including me) was thinking about dengue. He gave Dolo 650 and till evening I was getting better and was ready to get back to my normal life from Monday. But that night, again everything came back to haunt me with their new friend. Next morning I couldn’t even stand/sit properly due to weakness. So I was rushed to Columbia Asia emergency room where they put some fluids on me so that they can give me medicine. I was not in a position to eat due to stomach pain and the medicine were of high strength/power so I needed food for them. Meanwhile they started all the tests. Typhoid and Malaria came back negative but Dengue came back positive with my platelet count around 85000. Doctor wanted me to get admitted but I said NO and decided to get back home and follow the treatment from there. But due to body pain and stomach pain, I wasn’t able to eat anything. So in the night, when I went for my platelet count check, I asked to get admitted. And got a decent corner bed with two injections always injected in my body. So not much sleeping positions were left. But that was least of my concerns then. Thanks to the medicines and fluids, I slept that night and in the morning, my blood platelet count was 65000. My mom flew to Bangalore to be with me. In the evening, it was 60000. Next day it was 30000. And doctor asked me to be ready with the blood donors. I called up some of my friends and somehow managed up some donors from my office. I expected friends, but rescue came from office. So I really need to think about the peoples with whom I am spending my time. Bastards. Some changes are now necessary with the people I hang out with. I was tensed at that time as I didn’t have fever anymore, body and stomach pain had subdued but the platelet was on a downward spiral and doctors were not explaining anything so I lost control and ended up shouting on doctor even though she was cute. After shouting some explaination came. Next morning the platelets shot upwards to 50000 and that evening it was 55000. And that was enough for me to get discharge from hospital. My sister also came for the weekend. Shalini was also there. It was a potpourri of emotions at home at that time.  After some platelet checks, I came to Jamshedpur for my much needed vacation. I am on loss of pay, so don’t feel jealous of my vacation. 

Medication for dengue :

  • Paracetamol. 
  • Papaya’s leaves’ juice (very bad taste) 
  • Fruits (Pomegranate especially) 
  • Liquids. About 5-6 ltrs in a day. 
  • Patience. You can’t understand blood platelet’s spiral movement with numbers theory. So it’s better to sit through it. 

The boring part just ended. So smile now.  Now to the 15 days at home. 

Tried to read AngularJs but that language is a complete ass. Never seen anything complicated like that in my life. Still figuring it out. It is going to take much more time than I allotted to it. It do reduces the front end development time but damn the difficulty level of first time learning is damn too high. But hey,  learning something new is always a good thing.

Movies. Lots of movies were in the to-watch bucket. Saw them. Mentioned below will be the worthy ones. Why would I write that I had watched Mohra, Gabbar is back, Special 26 and Tridev for the nth time? Huh! 

  • Baar baar dekho. It is more like Blah blah dekho. Trailer was so good and the movie was such a blunt piece of work. I had high hopes for this movie. It is one time watch and that too because of music and Sayani Gupta (she is love).  
  • Kapoor and Sons. It is the clear example of everything will turn out right if you get the ending right. The story was brilliant and the execution was just perfect. Shakun Batra is one of the thoughtful filmmakers in India today. His first movie Ekk main aur Ekk tu redefined the friendship among different genders and one sided love story among friends. Songs were not needed that much but Karan Johar can’t make movies without some tipping soundtracks. And in the process, he destroys them with Badshah and Neha Kakkar. Bastards. 

Seqoiua Hack 2016. Live streamed the entire event for complete 3 days through Periscope. That app is pretty awesome. Got to know tons of new things during the event in the domain of Product Management, Hiring, Retention, Design Thinking and general UI/UX use cases in rapid scaling of startups. NoSql session was just brilliant. Manak Taneja nailed it. I played with that few months back, but never actually figured out it’s actual use but now somethings are clear. Need to revisit it after I am done with Angular Js. 

Le eco le 2. Got this phone and due to dengue got admitted in the hospital. So didn’t got much time to play with it. So I played with it then. Camera is good. Decent detailing of the images. Your fb, instagram and Twitter feed pics will look great but don’t expect professional level photographs. Took a lots of pictures. Have a look on them with below link. If you have shaky hands and you find it tough to keep your hands still while taking pictures, OIS is there for rescue. But too much spot and point focus while clicking the image can jeopardize your OIS. So use it carefully.  Gaming is good. Minimum heating and was able to handle all the heavy graphics games like Asphalt and Injustice and Batman Arkham Origins. EUI gives you an iOS skin on android so it can be called 12k iPhone. Carrying Feel is good. Need to get a proper size cover for it as it looks like a pretty good looking device and I don’t want any more scratches on it. It is a good deal in it’s price range of 12k. The biggest low is the battery life. Check this snapshot. Battery is full charged nearly 3 hours ago and the remaining life is coming up nearly 4 hours more. That means total of 7-8 hours. And I was basically using it for Twitter, Inshorts and Amazon. 

In-built apps are not good functionality wise. If this is going to be your first phone, you will be delighted with their designs but if you are a pro, you may want to use third-party apps preferably the Google one’s like Google Play for music, YouTube for a cleaner video experience. I am using Piktures as my default image viewing app. Google photos is good but only if you are always online. Offline experience is not that good. So Piktures. For an always-an android user, getting used to this device may take some time. I still sometimes gets lost while searching for some apps and I am using it extensively since last 3 weeks. 

One plus one isn’t going to retirement any time soon. Both will be used. 

Two pics are of Bengaluru, 3-4 of Patna Airport and rest of Jamshedpur.

Birthday was well spent at home. After 6 years, I was at home for my birthday. So this is the silver lining of getting affected by Dengue. Atleast something good happened. 

Now I am giving it final editing and touches on my way back to Bengaluru. The entire post was written in 1 week. Everyday somethings got added and somethings got removed as they weren’t fitting well with others. Editing is a tough task but is an important thing. Some nuisance stuff is going on in the office. Stressful days are coming. Mail chains aren’t clear so will have tough days to figure out what the fuck everyone is upto. Really hate these guys. 
Music Video section :

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