Oh No ! Not again.

Those were the first thoughts of Mr A when he woke up at 10 PM.

Now what I am going to do the whole night? Wait, all shops would have already started to close now, what about dinner?

Sensing the reality of the dinner situation, he lit up a cigratte and went out. Night was cold as Bangalore had started to feel the chill. This year it is late. Mr A is in bangalore since 2014. Most of the time, cold weather starts after the Durga Puja itself. But this time, it is late. That means coming summer will be worse than what it was this year. He came out of his residence and started walking, step by step, puff by puff. He decided it is not a wise decision to sleep anytime of the day other than the night and he is not going to do it again, purposefully.

His go-to food shop is closed. Shop next to it is also closed. The entire lane which offers decent food for the North India homesick stricken people are closed. Dhabas are also closed. Mid level food shops, too. Wait, something is wrong. He said to himself. Very less commotion at this hour is not common in Bengaluru especially if you live anywhere nearby Tech Parks and all Tech Parks are on the Outer Ring Road. Something has to be wrong. He took out his phone and fired up the Twitter to see if anything relevant to this situation is there or not. Modi had made 500/1000 rs note illegal. This was trending for past 2 hours. It is a master stroke as all money laundering shops like jewelry shops, appliances shops, etc were either closed till now and were about to close down for the day. He thought, that’s why everybody had closed the shops earlier. Wait, I have one 1000 rs note. Thank God, I didn’t withdrew money today. Being lazy has it’s own advantages. He consoled himself for being a lazy lad. He has great gift of self assuring. Sometimes this gift comes handy. But now he has to figure out how to buy dinner and how to exchange his 1000 rs note because instead of standing in queue to get it exchanged, he would rather hold onto it as a token of memory. He is incorrigible in his approach to situations when he has to do some physical work.

Something must be open, with this hope he started walking. Then he found a shop. Small, family store which accepts cards. He thought of trying to get rid of the notes first before going full card mode. It isn’t 12 so there is a chance he can get rid of them. There has to be someone who doesn’t watch news and is oblivious to the happenings around them. He had learnt it in a hard way that people don’t like keeping up with the news. He started going up the ladder to see if shop is open or not. He has some bizarre experiences so he doesn’t know when shop is open or not for sure . There was this girl coming out of the shop with maggi packets. He asked her shop is closing or is closed? The girl replied what’s the difference and left. Mr A thought what a horrid bitch and reached the shop. He has a soft corner for tall and odd girls. Normal run of the mill girls doesn’t attract him. He tried dating two of those kind and failed miserably. He believes sane girls will not be able to cope up with his insanity. There were 2-3 people in the shop. He entered and started finding something to eat which can be termed as the dinner. He took some maggi packets and fruit juice and went to the billing counter. The girl there said we aren’t accepting 500/1000 rs notes and if we want to use them, we have to do shopping of that amount. Okay 1000 rs note means around 80 packets of maggi. So he asked what more can be done here? She said shop for 500 min and they will be fine. Mr A had stopped eating maggi but now he had no other option. So better collect it, will use it when required, he thought. So he took 10 packets of maggi and two packets of Marlboro with a hope that he will take at least 1 week to end them. He is not addicted but he needs something when he is bored. Previously it was food, then it was cold drink and now it is cigrattes. It needs to be controlled, he thought. And after due payment, he came out of the shop only to find that tall girl again. She was standing near the stairs , probably waiting for someone . He will never know the reason. He smirked at her and she doesn’t gave a reaction. He thought she must be having high standards. For him, high standards means high maintainence. So he left but there was something odd about that girl. On the way back, he was thinking about that. She was no doubt cute and no doubt a smart one too. Verbal skills and eye movement gives out the real brain behind the people. People say “still” posture people are the intelligent ones, but no suckers, they are the retarded one as they think they know and control their surroundings. That happens only in books and movies. In real life, if you are “still”, you are about to be fucked off the limits of stupidity. 

Then he realized something is odd about this year only. He recollected his memories of past years and saw all those years gave him something good and something bad in balance with each other. He didn’t figured it out then, but now everything is clear. But this year, not a single good thing had happened. If getting to know the real faces of the people is a good thing, then he may some good things for the recollection of this year in the future.

Panic attacks, food poisoning, dengue, hairline fracture. This year was a disaster to him. This year destroyed everything he had : his body, his mind, his beliefs, his relationships and his life. He believes in karma but never truly believed in it. He had lived his life in arrogance. Committed a lots of mistakes. Rubbed a lot of people in wrong way.

May be this year was his year of reckoning. It may be, it may be not.

Who knows?

Only time will tell.


Okay , enough. Now videos which got me hooked recently.




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