R-rated Rant !!!

Hi !

This is an R-rated post so enter at your own risk.

A one month gap between posts. Well this is what happens when you mess up with a cry baby sort of middle-aged executive. I am not going into that story, but will give you the context and insight which I learnt from it.

All jobs are good and very few people have the guts to reset their life once in a while. You may be in a job which you like but other’s don’t. It is completely fine and ok. One thing I learned from this “ koi bhi job karo, tumse kuch ukhadne wala toh hai nahin, par kam se kam aadmi ke paas apne choices ko defend karne ke liye toh kuch hona chahiye ! “. Now you can guess the context of that mess up, if you don’t, please go and watch pogo.

Life is pretty much a machine now. All days and time are scheduled and I don’t have any options to take some time off it. It’s just that I made a choice and I have to give it a try. If everything fails, I will do what other respected people in the society do, a MBA.

This writing thing took a backseat because no body cares whether I write or not. I am just writing in vacuum and for me only. I am both the writer and the reader. So that after five years from now, I have something from this time to relish upon and think about. Many people have stories, pictures and moments for that, I don’t have the luxury of all that. I have my posts. Maybe this will be my legacy, a non existential legacy with no value proposition. I am fine with it, actually I learned to accept it and deal with it. No qualms about it, things happen and it will happen whether we like it or not.

So why I decided to write now?
Because I thought getting crashed on MV Agusta F4 RR will help in blowing some of the steam but it didn’t help. I didn’t crash, thank God. On the other hand, I fell in love with it. There has to be something special in that bike that even a person like me who doesn’t know how to ride even a 100cc bike didn’t broke any bones even when he touched 200kmph in Bangalore traffic at peak hour.

So I decided to rant about it. And when you own a domain, you can use it for that, ain’t you?

I am now an sort of option for some. But hey wait, I was always an option for people. That’s not a surprise when I look back at life. I was always an option, not even the primary one in that too.

I don’t have a social life because optional people don’t have it. You call your options when you either need them for something or you don’t have anyone left to socialize with. So optional people don’t have enough avenues or chances for that.

Why I have a non-existent social life? Or why I don’t have friends?

  • I am arrogant as fuck and I will call an asshole, an asshole no matter what and if required on their face too without any second thoughts. That’s how I was raised. And I am proud of it.
  • I am not a people pleasurer person. To be a people person, you need to have your opinions validated by other people so that you can have it. Just imagine, you can have opinion after getting it validated by others.
  • I am not great at anything. I am just an average guy in all spheres of life. And despite being average at everything yourself, you don’t usually hang around with other average joes. People need someone with whom they can feel special and I am not that special creature who can make you feel special.
  • Looks matter. Never seen any good looking person with no friends and zero social life.
  • Doesn’t have much skills and intelligence to do wonders for anyone. So there goes all the things which could have happened in office.
  • I don’t play by other opinion and most of the time, I don’t need much of anyone’s approval to do something which I want to do. So question of bonding with others goes also.
  • I don’t do anything just to be with anyone which I don’t want to do.
  • Most people just gulp down any facts that may be lead to a confrontation but I don’t. I always like to know why you have to lie in the first place. I am fine with liars. Lie but just don’t get caught , will you ?
  • I don’t expect much from people because nobody is what they project themselves onto others.
  • People bond with other people with whom they share certain ideologies and plans and motives and all that comes from the hobbies. I don’t have any so there is nothing with me on which someone can bond with me.

If I continue to write, the list will go on and on. But I am the reader so I know most of things.

And this post is not up for any kind of discussion and if you still want to do, you know where to put those things, ain’t you?

So what now?

Nothing special.

Done with you guys!

And yes, FUCK YOU!

2 thoughts on “R-rated Rant !!!

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