The way of life. 

Okay, this is definitely a new thing which is I am going to try out with this post. Thanks Siddhant for your advice to share how I see the world with my perspective.
Last week, I got some time off and I decided to catch up on my old friends and we made a plan for bacchanalian revelries. That’s how we bonded, we shared love for beers and abstract conversations.
So what happened there?

He asked had you lost some weight? I replied life sucks and is mess on all 7 days. Office and classes are in full throttle. He : What classes are you taking? Me : User Experience Design. I showed him some of my student’s assignments and he was like ” Do someone really have to attend a class to learn all these things?” Me : I know things but I don’t know it’s origination point and Companies do prefer Certificates and Degrees though they claim to be out looking for people with right attitude and passion.
We both knew this is the harsh reality and we can’t ignore it and we aren’t in a position to do anything about it but hopefully one day, we will be and we will do the right thing.
As we were meeting after 2 months, we had lots of things to talk about. Then we started talking about my last post and we discussed how people confuse their personal life and social life with each other. I wanted to write about a different thing here this time but this itself is a cool concept and I would like to talk about it and as it is a very short thing so it can’t be a full blown post. But it is very fundamental.
People have two lives. Personal life and Professional life.

Personal life is again divided into two :Private life and Social life.

Professional life is again divided into two :Friends and colleagues.

Some people are lucky and they have same people for all those 4 sectors but they are rare. I only know two such people.

But what about the majority?
We fail badly in balancing them out and end up being depressed. So balancing them is the key for a better life.
But how?

It’s all about peoples, time management and getting your priorities straight. It’s all about setting boundaries between all those 4 sectors or you life will be messed up.

Just imagine these 2 situations :

  • Your private life is now your social life and all your private things are out in the public.
  • You told something to your colleagues instead of your friends and they do what they are best at : backstabbing.

Both of these 2 situations can lead to a lot of troubles. But there can be lots of permutations and combinations for scenarios among above mentioned 4 sectors on how you can fuck up your life if the right boundaries aren’t there.
It is a great topic to be discussed and maybe in the future, there might be a post about it too. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

Now back to the topic.

Some disclaimers :

  • It might be not true for all but this is what I have observed in me and my friends in the time we have shared with each other.
    For A+ colleges, I didn’t went there so I don’t know about them. But their life post college is just as same as ours.
  • And it is not about those also who spent their 4 years in library and in their rooms without even trying out different things.

Now again the real thing.
You might have guessed I am going to talk about the life of an engineer. If don’t, don’t worry, it’s not a bible or a doctrine on life.
Sometime back, I got mid life crisis (again) and decided to take a break to figure out things. And I decided I don’t want to be in engineering any more. I have been doing programming since 2006. Got my first PC back in 2005 and soon I was churning out codes in Basic, Html and Css. I was expert in commercializing my skills. So I started doing school projects of my classmates. To learn to type fast, I even typed out the entire book because I didn’t wanted to return the books back to the library. Then changed school and learnt Javascript, C, C++ and advanced Html. Same thing again, I was doing projects for my classmates and making money out of it and having fun figuring out pointers, memory heaps and interactive websites (with not so cool design but extremely optimized backends). Then engineering happened. C, C++, Java, Javascript (Basic + Advanced) , Bootstrap, php and Android. Then got fascinated by the games and started making simple games and did something (5-6) freelancing projects (can’t talk about it, NDA). So the most logical choice was to make games for my final year projects and made 4 games with Javascript frameworks. Initially thought of making it with Unity / Unreal but was lazy so ended up using Javascript frameworks.
And then cognizant happened, learnt Analytics and Performance Engineering. Never worked on Analytics myself but the time I spent at Siddhant’s ODC, I can most probably do that work with little help in the beginning. Did fairly good on Performance side with different protocols (Http/Https, Siebel, Truclient and learning more day by day).

Now let’s see my friends.

1. Ankit is a certified CCNA and he did that on his time. First in our group to go onsite. Way to go bro.

2. Siddhant was one of the best Electrical Engineering students of our college and now he is nailing it in the Analytics. If working for Chelsea isn’t cool, then I don’t know what is ?

3. Keshav was a gifted Product Manager. Despite having a great mind, he was lazy ( i think we all are lazy), he got high grades and churned out great quality codes at last minute and now he is a great Advanced Java developer working in a cool startup. Just waiting for his “khela” as he goes up in the chain and his “khelas” are one of a kind.

4. Deepak is a great singer and along with singing he had enough enough time to kick asses of two departments : Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

And then there are people in my User Experience Class always cribbing about notes, not having enough times to complete assignments and so on. They all are great in different things like visual appreciation, sketching, thinking in terms of artistic value and then I am there with my engineering mind influxed with business acumen who weighs his ideas on numbers and engineering feasibllity. It’s a good thing that UX is a vast domain and can accommodate different peoples too. This made me noticed how engineering had made and changed me and my friends in a better way.
Other than few, not all of them had dreams of becoming engineers.

Keshav had army dreams, Siddhant still dreams of joining Airforce and I dream of becoming a writer. But we all did fairly well in our engineering days and we still are and we will, hopefully in the future as engineering taught us something about life which I didn’t found and noticed in other people who went to other colleges (non engineering colleges). Let me make one thing clear I am not demeaning other colleges but there are somethings which you can only learn in an engineering college. Those things can be learned in other colleges but level of learning is very different. It is just like a player of Call of Duty and Crysis can beat the shit out of the players of Halo and Mass Effect without even blinking their eyes.

1.We are lazy.

2.We are sleep deprived.

3.We are flexible and have and make time(if required) for almost everything.

4.People believes engineers are right brained number and process churning people but man, you don’t even have the slightest idea about how creative and ideative, we can be in the times and situations which can make you wet your pants.

5.We rarely fail in the death race against time and man, we are at our 200% when the deadlines arrive. This happens only when we really care about it or else you can’t even make us to do it ,forget about starting it even.

6.We had studied systems and we had developed a keen sense of observing and can map out anything mathematically in an abstract sense to find a way through it.

7. Large numbers of courses had made us habituated of living in a world of questions and what if situational riddles. We are in love with 5 Ws ( What, When, Why, Which and Who). We loves puzzles and riddles and everything which requires some mental exercise.

8. We know how to use procrastination to our advantage.

9. Our 4 years of engineering was basically a full blown out crash course on how bad the things can go and how to survive it.
So I don’t know how will my career shift happen and will it even happen or not but one thing is clear, I will always be an engineer, no matter in which profession I will be.
Our parents had different reasons to send us to engineering but I will have a different reason and that will be that nothing can prepare you for the world other than 4 years of hostel life at engineering.
So here is to all the engineers (ofcourse not the dumb ones).

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