Decisions and their ripple effects

Okay, this is the longest I had gone without writing. Last post was in December’17. This is May’18 (which is about to end). Total gap of 4-5 months. In between this period, the only time I got reminded that I have a blog is that when I got a receipt that my domain is renewed for 1 more year.

In the meanwhile, a lot of things got changed and I didn’t have the time to inform them to near and dear ones apart from close ones. Disclosure : Close ones and “near and dear” ones can be different.

At the time of last post, I was at iProspect (interning as Digital Strategist) and that thing was about to end in coming months. And when I was asked “Will I join them full time?”, I got existential crisis. What do you do when you stand at one of the most critical crossroads of your life facing one of those decisions whose repercussions could follow you your entire life? You have panic attacks, sleepless nights and then some more. Analytics was never the plan, it happened accidently and I did well because I always do well in my exams. But do I see myself as an Analyst in next 2 years, I don’t. And after some lengthy conversations with my mom, daily over a month, things got cleared. I will be 25 this year and I can take some risks as I don’t want to get stuck in doing something I don’t want to , just because the pay was good. You don’t want to live a life at 40-45 which is based on the decision which you take at 17-18 and always wondering “What would have happened otherwise?”.

So the plan was clear to sit in the college placements to find about the roles offered and if the role aligned with my future aspirations, then only go ahead. Sadly, I and companies weren’t on the same page. Only 1 company with right role came and after 8 rounds of interviews, they decided I might not be the right person (This can be determined in the 1st/2nd round itself by smart interviewers ). That company was in Chennai and I was ready to relocate. But destiny had other plans, I guess.

So I went to LinkedIn and got a job within 3 days at Techved Consulting as User Experience Consultant. This is another career shift. I did a lot of things at Cognizant which were close to User Experience, depending on how you want to see it. In my 2.5 years of Cognizant, I had worked in dot net development, analytics, performance engineering and front end development. In iProspect , I worn multiple hats again – Business Intelligence, Domain centric report automation and Paid Media Management. On the sidelines, my consulting also stopped due to lack of time or my friends like to call “You are one of a kind lazy”. I am getting old I think.

Joining Techved is like resetting my life again. I am at that age where my friends from undergraduate days are getting married (few of them even have kids) and some are settled abroad. But here I am in Mumbai where I am doing what I love. The reason I shifted to Mumbai was quite simple – needed to get some perspective back in life (really?! That’s not what you said earlier in bed darling). I wanted to go there for two things – to take another look at the world I have left far behind (the world of corporate jobs, formal clothes, presentations and working 50 hours without a break) and to list out the things which would complete my fragmented life and calm the voices in my head. Mumbai gave me a taste of both these worlds at the same time. The world I have left – I could have kicked the corporate asses to kingdom come. I always gave the best presentations in class and no one looks more killer than me in formal clothes (which are a rare sighting still). This world called out to me like a wailing siren (waiting to devour the wonder-struck sailor) but I survived. Been there, done that – I am at peace with what I am doing with my life – designing it is, designing it shall remain. No second thoughts.

The world I want – I already know what was missing in my life. Mumbai just manifested her and put her in my arms – albeit for a very short time. ‘Silence’, command the voices in unison. Silence it shall be.

And when I got settled in my new job, my flat owner decided to throw us out by giving us 2 weeks to vacant the flat. So right now, flat hunting is going on. I, Manish and Pratik are looking to stay together. Few are shortlisted and we just have to finalize one as we have to shift on 31st May or max 1st June.

So next post will be from my new house(hopefully).


11 thoughts on “Decisions and their ripple effects

  1. I wonder how I came across this post at this time when I face the dilemma remarkably similar to yours, except you are one step ahead. I still have to decide.

    And this is the scary part because whatever you choose, it’s going to decide rest of your career path. This is that turn on the road which decides where you end up eventually. Well, let’s see how it unfurls. I think I’ve decided too.

    Best of luck for your new venture Abhinav! 😊

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      1. That’s true. By career path, I meant a significant chunk of your experimenting years. Whatever we choose, we should stick with it for a considerable period, isn’t it? Being on multiple boats hasn’t yielded desired results for me in the past. It takes time for fruits of your effort to get ripe.

        Sometimes things happen even though it wasn’t what we intended, as it was the case with analytics for you. By the time we realize, this is not something I see myself working in, we’re trailing in the other field. For me, it’s choosing between fellowship in med-tech field or going ahead with my love for design & building things in general.

        You’re right with turning the life around, my concern is about investing those initial years and persisting.


      2. Hey. Sorry for late reply. Got stuck in work.

        See I will tell you what I was told during my internship by my then-mentor-now-a-good-friend, find something which you are really passionate about and go down that path with humble confidence and do whatever it takes to survive there. And by passionate means you are ready to work on it even on the low level salary range. For me it was product design. Though I changed many careers in last 8 years, my main focus was always on designing experiences for users whether it was designing games, writing codes, business intelligence or now product design. So my core skill is UX and it can be applied across domains as long as I am ready to put in hard work. So find your calling and do it with complete honesty.

        Here is a link of his recent talk at IIT Madras in which he had explained it more clearly. See it and let me know your thoughts.


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