Drafted !

I want to write something new but my drafts folder is bugging me. So I thought why I shouldn’t post them all in a single post , “just the way they are “. I mean I started them with good intentions but may be I lost interest or lost my attention towards it. I suffer from low attention span which is evident from the fact that I always changes things at a higher frequency.

Note :

  1. There may be some posts which I left in mid-sentence i.e. I didn’t even completed the sentences and now I don’t recall what I was thinking when I was writing them.
  2. And then there are some posts, which are only “named”. Not even a single word in them. There contents must be deleted when I quit my notepad without saving it. And there names are very confusing to me even now. Example being “Protean”.

So lets start collating it.

Hospitals & Priorities

Conscience : So, two posts in a month?

Passivity : Yes.

Conscience : Good. Last year was the same case ?

Passivity : Yes.

Conscience : Good. Was feeling similar ?

Passivity :Hell , no .

Conscience : WHY ?

It is generally believed that birthday months are supposed to be good and nice months, right? But in mine case, it isn’t so and still 2 days are remaining so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

2 hospital visits.

  1. Minor accident/incident
  2. Stomach/food issues

And there I got struck by the “Priorities” lightening. I was wrong all along but just like a faulty watch shows the right time , two times a day, I got few things right which led me to where I am today.

So, what happened exactly ?

I had long dreamed of making it in Writing and in Games.

But exactly happened to them?

My blog post count had gone down remarkably. In 2018, I had written only 2 posts apart from this one. Those two posts would amount to 1515 words, which when converted to “words/day” would amount to roughly 6 . I am talking about dedicated writing here, so mails , docs, spec docs, product docs written by me in office or for office is not taken into consideration.

And I completed only

Ground Zero

My second innings of my career had just begun and unlike others I didn’t started it with where I was in the first innings. It is a fresh start. Let me give you a perspective of what actually happened since I completed my engineering.

2014 : Joined Cognizant.

2017 : Left Cognizant to join a cool startup at a jump of 3.5x in the salary. But as destiny has planned something else and I landed up at S P Jain to study Big Data and Visual Analytics. It wasn’t planned. It just happened due to unavoidable circumstances.

2018 : Joined iProspect as an intern in their Digital Strategy team. Three months were fun. Learned a lot there and dream of working in an ad company came true.

April 2018 : Joined as an UX Designer at Techved Consulting at a decent salary. Not that great but things can work out for sometime.

Experience(s) and Possession(s)

Yes. Many say that it is actually a one way road that whatever you posses is bound to give you an experience. It may be true but not always. To experience something, it is not necessary to own things yourself. You need things and there are lots of people out there who own things, you just have to go out and figure out a way to work with them and you will automatically experience the so called experience. I think this ideology was the basis of formation of clubs in the western world. We, Indians, still hadn’t figured out the concept of clubs as most of us are always busy in acting like mentally retarded monkeys. And the Indians who understood it, are the movers and shakers of the society and rest we are just blabbering about it. I am in the latter category. But the thing is I am there because of some reasons which some people may call selfish reasons and excuses but they aren’t. You need like-minded people if you need to achieve something in life.

But hey, enough of idealism. I haven’t done anything worth to tell you how you should be. Infact I am not even in the TedX category. I know Ted talks and they are great but TedX is, seriously, a place for self proclaimed successful people who enjoys self pleasuring means. It is not true always. There are some great TedX talks but they are only 20% and rest are just shit.

Okay, I again got deviated and indulged myself in correcting the society which is stupid because who the hell I am to talk about it.

Now the main point.

We are the generation who are born at the right time i.e. 90s . The world had just started to move from analog to digital and computer started being widely adopted. And that adoption led to the creation of new industries like Video games, hacking, microprocessor and all. The childrens of that time messed up badly with those golden opportunities. Not all. But maximum of us, did. You can ask How. Well we started focusing on owning things rather than taking experience from those.

The Disillusionment Maze

Behold first post of 2018 is coming.

Quite a strange start to 2018.

On the night of 31st December, I forgot to take my keys when I went out for usual thing and the gate got locked and 2 of my 3 flatmates were at their home in Nagpur and 1 was at some friend’s party and I had my own plans at home. Then thanks to a friendly society guard , after 3 hours , my gate was unlocked. On 1st Jan, nothing substantial took place if I don’t consider meeting my sister. On 2nd, a drama started in Mumbai. Two sections of society were at war with each other on some very stupid reason and the collateral damage was entire city. Just search for #BhimaKoregaonViolence on Twitter and you will get to know why we aren’t a developed country yet.

Thin Realities

Yes, the reality is thin and most realistically it is broken.

Not decided yet…

Shout out to the Anonymous commenter on your question that despite being sharing my post(s) to all my social media why don’t get likes and comments ; I still don’t have a solid answer but I will tell what might be the case :
People like to “like” or “comment” on the things which they find amusing and interesting. But now a days, it has changed. People like to do things which gives them social acceptance, so they follow their friends. And I don’t have many.
So this may be a reason why I don’t get “likes” and “comments”.
Another reason may be that though they like it but can’t “like/comment” as they are under a burden of their ego for some reason which I don’t know.

Framing the Past.

Yes. Framing the Past.

Nowadays we all have our social media accounts. And they all have a pretty good feature :

Remember this last few years.

Facebook has it. You just have to complete 1 year on it and you will be notified about your posts which you have updated in the past.

WordPress has it. Not entirely. But at the end of the year you will be sent a report card of the passing by year with all updates on total no of posts, total no of likes, total no of new followers and so on.

Twitter doesn’t have it. And it is a good thing as no one wants to remember their impulse rants from the past. And why nowadays Twitter is continuously going back and forth on these two categories : news and social media? Twitter is an epitome of a confused company. After all these years of it’s life, they still hadn’t figured out what they want to be? Seems like my life story.

Tumblr doesn’t have it. It is a big thing for creatives around the world. But in general masses of India, it still have to find a connection as people here are way too busy in talking to boys disguised as Angel Priya.

Google Photos has it. But it doesn’t work most of the times. And it doesn’t work on my device only.

Now it’s time for songs on my current playlist:



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