Requiem of a decade


At the beginning of the decade, life was all about deciding whether I want to do engineering or not and if I wanted to do engineering, then what should I study: Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.

Take the first case of not doing engineering.
I was an uninformed brute as I didn’t knew about design courses then(Now I have a career in Communication and Interaction design). I didn’t knew people can study different streams of design like Communication, Interaction, User Experience, User Interface, Calligraphy, etc other than fashion design. Bloody NIFT and their BS advertisements. English or Philosophy was ruled out by my 2-tier city upbringing.

Take the second case of doing engineering.
In this case I was also an uninformed brute as I didn’t knew branch change was an option available in engineering colleges. If I knew I would have went to a much better engineering college. Coming back to the topic, Mechanical was never in the discussion because you really have to have the passion for material sciences to excel in it and which I didn’t have. Electrical and Computer Science were the shortlisted ones. Both were equally interesting and both had similar future prospects. Went for Computer Science because of the Air Conditioned labs and Mathematics. Bhubaneswar is not a kind city in terms of weather. Always humid and ready to hit you with heat strokes.


Now coming back to present day, I am stuck to the bed because all the substance abuse, smoking and drinking of the last 5 years have finally caught up to me. My stomach got filled up with fluids and it took an operation to pump them out and the reason was “bacterial infection”. Now I have just started walking because the strength of the medicines had left me so weak that I needed 15-20 mins just to change my postures. I am on a 3 week medical leave from the office considering my two baby projects were just started by me before falling sick. So I am worried about them too. I was sick since October but was ignoring it but one fine day I ended up visiting the hospital and the entire medical journey/turmoil started.

I wouldn’t call 2019 a good year by any account. I don’t recall anything good thing happened this year. But I will definitely respect this year a lot as it taught me a lot of things.

These are hard learned lessons. So I will also be trying to follow it.

  • Have breakfast no matter what. Amount you spend on Doctors usually exceeds the amount you spend on having breakfast regularly.
  • You are not as busy as you think are.
  • Your parents are getting older faster than you think.
  • You are not getting younger. Be mindful of this fact.
  • Do deep work on your skills you will be surprised by the results.
  • Read more.
  • Learn more complex things. You will need your mind to be in working condition in your old age or be ready for schizophrenia.
  • Don’t try to copy people, try to compete with them. While competing, you build on their skills but while copying, you are merely replicating their skills.
  • Read news. Know what is happening around you.
  • Your life experiences are your most prized possessions. If you don’t have life stories to tell people, start making them right now. You only have so much time.
  • Be healthy.
  • Don’t overexplain what doesn’t need explaining in the first place.
  • Small things goes a long way.
  • Learn to co-exist with idiots, fools and stupids.
  • Insurance policies are BS. Earn enough. (Important one)

Some “Past vs Present” for me:

  • 110 kgs vs 77 kgs
  • Senior high school graduate to Post Graduate
  • Loving Salman Khan to Hating Salman Khan
  • Not wearing glasses to wearing glasses
  • Pre Avengers Infinity Saga era vs Post Avengers Infinity Saga era
  • Inception vs Tenet
  • Christian Bale’s Batman to Ben Affleck’s Batman to Robert Pattinson’s Batman
  • Jamshedpur to Bhubaneswar to Bangalore to Chennai to Bangalore to Mumbai
  • Symbian to Android
  • Engineer to Designer
  • to Spotify/JioSaavn
  • VCDs/DVDs to Netflix/Hotstar/Amazon Prime Video
  • Sachin to Dhoni to Kohli
  • 50 over Cricket matches to 10 over Cricket matches
  • None to Manchester United to Liverpool

I think this is too much for now. So bye. See you in January’20.