Requiem of a decade – 1 month later

If you are reading this, I believe you have read the last one Requiem of a decade . If not, please go and give it a read as it is a continuation of that only (which is quite clear through the name also).

Now coming to this post.

  • Joined office back. Damn, I get way too tired. Traveling to and back from office is taking a toll on my body. Man, I am way too tired by the time I reach home. Just eat and sleep. 
  • Completed the latest seasons of 3 series: Inside Edge, Titans and Rick & Morty. Why had they made the latest season of Rick & Morty is still a question. If you don’t have content, then take a break. Why everyone in the Hollywood wants to meet the fate of final season of Games of Thrones, I don’t know.
  • Current music streaming services’ subscriptions(JioSaavn and Spotify) are about to end in coming 30-40 days, so for exploring new and better option, I had subscribed to Apple Music(I own an Android device). First 3 months are free, so no worries. I am liking the interface and the recommendations aren’t perfect but they are definitely better than what I have seen in others. Biggest advantage of Apple Music over others is that it has a vast content library(I found almost all the songs I searched in the app). I have written extensively on Music Streaming services here. The main thing I am fascinated by the Apple Music is their Human Curated Playlists. Google about it. Human + Algorithm is coming back and this time it is for the good.
  • Two of my friends are leaving the company. Now I have to make new friends to talk to. Urrgghhh. I hate socialising.
  • Contradicting to the previous point, I need to try to become more open and social as my mother thinks I am the most antisocial and boring person on the planet right now and I will regret it later on. She has been right at her predictions more than I would have imagined her to be right. So need to consider this.
  • Songs of Love Aaj Kal are turning out be great. Some hopes have arisen for the movie. Anyways Imtiaz Ali had rarely disappointed.

At last but not least, I think I am in desperate need of a long holiday.

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