Compounding effects of Life Experiences

February is about to end and I will write anything just to maintain the streak of writing every month. After all it’s an annual subscription. Post March, I may switch to Medium once and for all but

there is some beauty in owning a domain for yourself.

Who knows, may be one day it will come handy in something somewhere.

There are lots of something and anything in my life. Is it wrong? For some people yes, but I don’t think so. This keeps happening around me as when you don’t have a plan laid out, you will go about experimenting in your life.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in the universe.

People don’t experiment much in their life. Their life is pretty much governed by a fixed plan or a set of rules decided by society/parents/friends or whoever the people believes in. This is also called Cult thinking or herd mentality. And when they decide to “experiment”, sometimes it is too late but better late than never.

Experiment is a long and unknown journey which may or may not gives result early on but there is a compounding effect of your experiences which will help you in leading a meaningful life in the longer run.

So what are the things which have a compounding effect on your life:

  • The books you read
  • The movies you watch
  • The songs you hear
  • The people you interact with ( online and offline)
  • The content you consume

They shape you, your mentality, your perception, your intuition and eventually your world.

People now a days are too focused on short term gains that they forget to see the big picture which is

” Will you be satisfied at your death bed ?”.

Before making any decision, taking any risk in career and life , one should ask themselves,

“Will I regret not taking this chance?”.

These two simple questions are the cure to all the confusions of life and existence.

Now onto other things in life.

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