Not an expected start of a new decade

I started writing this on 18th of March but now after more than 3 months, it is going to get published. So what happened? Many things. Some mentionable things would be damaging my phone( I don’t put my phone in any covers/back covers, old habit) , corona intensified, work from home situation, suddenly entire industry is going on a digital overhaul especially BFSI and I happen to work in one and when you work in User Experience, you can imagine what happens when you try to go from offline to online. Too many processes to understand and improvisation at every level to see what fits better where. Truth is the entire world works upon Human Interactions and those things can’t be replicated on digital platforms no matter how robust and perfect you try to build it.

I really wished there should be

One solution for all Problems

Even the title of the post has changed now.

There might be some contextualities here and there as chronology has gone for a toss here. But I will try to make it as coherent as possible as I will edit the previous written material and will add something here and there as things have changed .

Things changes every moment, it doesn’t matter we realise it or not.

Let’s see what mess lies ahead.

#Part 1

Corona Virus aka Chinese Virus

So this January, 2020s started and man, this is not the beginning you would like. First NRA-CAA chaos, then Shaheen Bhag chutiyapa and now Corona virus. You won’t believe, Corona virus is a global epidemic but still some fools in Delhi are staging protests. I think they know that Corona Virus is contagious and large groups are generally not advised during contagious disease outbreak. Fucking retards and dumbfucks. But what can be done?

So Corona Virus is an epidemic but still some people have found out a way to chill in these times. There is even a Corona Virus challenge.

In these times, lots of revelations is about to happen. For an example, let’s take the case of organisations who don’t uses Google for Business or Office 365. Their employees are going to have a really tough time coordinating the work among different teams. I know a few organisations who don’t use even Slack or Microsoft Teams. God save their productivity. See the thing is we live in a digital age and most of the “Digital Teams” of the organisations works with digital nomads or freelancers or digital agencies(who are composed of digital nomads) and they usually at the behest of the client comes to their office every now and then to facilitate the smooth functioning of the project, but now in the times of epidemic like Corona, where “Social Distancing” is the new “Netflix and Chill”, it won’t happen and taking offline human interaction to digital is not a task which can be completed in 2 days. It is a long road. Slack cracked it for email and business chats. Figma and Zeplin is the boon for the design people. Yes, there are options out there we just have to find out. Corona became that reason for many.


Seperation aka Losing some in journey

Two of my close friends left my current organisation. I felt like punching someone when I got to know about it. I got to know about them in 1 week period. One I knew was about to happen as he was way too good to be here. He has the X factor which is generally needed to live an interesting life. Other one was probably my friend only. Many people didn’t liked him as he was straight like a pole. My initial days at my current organisation were quite frustating and humbling. I had worked in complete digital teams at an IT firm, in an advertising agency and in a design agency. Working in BFSI is quite different. Lots of stupid MBA fuckers, most of who don’t know shit about what they are doing. In my life, I had finally learned to spot bullshit people from far. Some credit of that skill goes to M, H, A and P in a good way. Y and S were good to me since day 1. Friendships which begins abruptly and randomly goes a long way than the friendships which you force yourself into. Sometimes I miss agency life but crossing the other side was also my decision.

Same job but completely different job descriptions.

May be I am not good at adapting than I think of myself. Or may be I don’t want to. Who knows ?



TV series and how it varies from going east to west.

Suppose we divide the whole world in 3 parts. Distribution will be like this:

East: Asia

Center: Europe

West: North America, South America

We can easily understand their culture by understanding the content they produce.

East is mostly about romcoms and cliches. Example all the Korean, Pakistani and maximum Indian contents (more on it lies below).

Center and West have the smartest writers out there. See their content: Suits, The Wire, etc. Even their animated series like The Simpsons, The Family Guy, F is for Family are better than most.

Suddenly there is a new discovery in German creation. Watch Dark and The Silence.

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are literally geniuses. To tackle time travel and Parallel Dimensions in a story requires uncommon intelligence.

Smart and Clever writing at it’s best.

It is quite tough to imagine something like Boston Legal, Dark, Suits and The Mentalist coming out of India. We have some bloody bad rip-off’s like Adalat and CID. Yes even they have shitty rom-coms . I hate rom-coms and never understood why Friends is so popular. I tried watching it thrice and quit after 10-15 mins. Man, it is just so much illogical and stupid.

Most of the Indian audience are so closed in their approach and  minds that shows like The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy will never be made in India.

Imagine a show like Our Cartoon President in India. People will lose their mind and it’s creators would have faced mob lynching and best case various court cases.
Indian writers are coming off age now a days thanks to the rise of OTTs. Sacred Games Season 1 , The Family Man and Pataal Lok being some exemplary examples.

Read these articles:

Even women writers are killing it.



Writing is the most underrated skills one can have.

It doesn’t matter someone reads your content or not but “writing” generally improves the more you write.

Writing is a compounding activity.

I am still trying to figure out how to write better but there is no formula or process, you just have to do it regularly with a hope that one day you will figure out “your way”.

Many people I know they aren’t very good at writing down things. They will write 1000 words just to explain a something which can be done in 100 words. Sometimes I feel it is a problem because of our education system. Remember in schools and colleges, whenever we are asked to write essays there was a word limit attached to it. Write an essay in 1000 words, when topic can be handled it less words also. We are taught Quantity is more important than Quality.

Why Twitter succeeded? More information, less words, straight to the point.

Another thing which I noticed is that people don’t read now a days , they read to flaunt it.

What happened to real reading ?
When people won’t read , how can you expect them to write ? Plain simple maths.

And when I talk about reading I don’t mean Chetan Bhagat and idiots like Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh and the crap they churn out every year.

I am talking about Taleb , Grisham, Sheldon, Christie and others.

Okay done for now. Bye.

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