Compounding effects of Life Experiences

February is about to end and I will write anything just to maintain the streak of writing every month. After all it’s an annual subscription. Post March, I may switch to Medium once and for all but

there is some beauty in owning a domain for yourself.

Who knows, may be one day it will come handy in something somewhere.

There are lots of something and anything in my life. Is it wrong? For some people yes, but I don’t think so. This keeps happening around me as when you don’t have a plan laid out, you will go about experimenting in your life.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in the universe.

People don’t experiment much in their life. Their life is pretty much governed by a fixed plan or a set of rules decided by society/parents/friends or whoever the people believes in. This is also called Cult thinking or herd mentality. And when they decide to “experiment”, sometimes it is too late but better late than never.

Experiment is a long and unknown journey which may or may not gives result early on but there is a compounding effect of your experiences which will help you in leading a meaningful life in the longer run.

So what are the things which have a compounding effect on your life:

  • The books you read
  • The movies you watch
  • The songs you hear
  • The people you interact with ( online and offline)
  • The content you consume

They shape you, your mentality, your perception, your intuition and eventually your world.

People now a days are too focused on short term gains that they forget to see the big picture which is

” Will you be satisfied at your death bed ?”.

Before making any decision, taking any risk in career and life , one should ask themselves,

“Will I regret not taking this chance?”.

These two simple questions are the cure to all the confusions of life and existence.

Now onto other things in life.

Adieu 2017

Ah, is it December again, right? The last month of the year. By the time it would be posted, we will be in the last week too. Isn’t it amusing that how fast a year meets it end and a new year arrives at our doorstep when we are in hangover state after our 31st December heavy drinking marathon. 

I hope this ending year was a great ride for all of you. For me, it was an exceptional year. 

Allow me list out all substantial developments and events which happened in my life this year.

1. Left Cognizant (finally). What a ride that was? Not a single day passed without surprises. Some good and some nasty.  2.7 years spent well and how much I gained there in that time was the highlight (both monetary and experiential). 

2. Met new people at UX bootcamp at Bangalore.  Discussing Design principles with them was awesome. I can’t ask for a better Design Mentor than Atul. 

3. Attended a school’s buddy engagement at Jamshedpur. It is funny how as kids we used to attend other’s engagements and weddings and now each other’s. I still have 4 years in my hand for that stuff. Reconnected with lots of old friends. 

4. Maaji got sick and luckily I was at home at that time. Thankfully my course was delayed to due some reasons. Toughest 15 days of my life. 

5. Shifted to Mumbai. Biggest event of this year. I wanted to live in Mumbai since I was 15 years old. Dreams do come true. The city didn’t disappointed me at all. 

6. Went back to advanced maths and stuff after college. Loved it but I had lost edge in it. Now I need calculator for almost everything. I am getting old, I assume. 

7. I got the best pack at S P Jain’s Big Data and Visual Analytics program. The biggest collection of unique perspectives in a class handling toughest maths and computational problems day over day. Couldn’t have asked for a better batch considering my VR program didn’t even lift off from the runway. (It is another thing that most of their thoughts are downright stupid and they make me wonder under which rock they were living before the course.) 

8. Himanshu’s Mumbai visit , coincidentally at the time when I was at my low. And the new breath of fresh perspective he brings into my life. One day hopefully, I will get a chance to work with him.

9. Made a lots of friends. Hopefully, we will meet upcoming year to talk more about design, product development and bikes.

10. N, M and A are going well interwoven in my life.

11. Crazy flatmates. I didn’t wanted to move-in in sharing flats but ended up moving in and I got a bunch of crazy people. Cheers to our late night ice cream walks at JVLR.

12. Quick visit to Bangalore to attend A’s birthday. Diwali with family was bonus.
Quick recap on what happened on this site.

  • 10 posts.
  • 25 new followers.

It is not bad considering I don’t write that well. Let’s see how the next year turns out for me and my activities.

This year I had the company of lots of good books and movies. Follow me on Instagram to see what I am reading every now and then. My Instagram handle.

Good movies seen this year :

  • Logan
  • Justice League 
  • Star Wars : The Last Jedi
  • Tiger Zinda Hai (I am a proud bhaitard) 

Was planning to include some pictures (like last year), but wouldn’t do it because considering the amount of pictures I had taken this year, it will take another 4-5 hours as I have to go through a lot to select some. Not gonna happen. May be next year. We will see.

So signing off for this year. We will meet next year. 

Last post didn’t had any songs list so this postwill have few more. Lots of great songs came out in these last 2 months. 


Everytime once in a while , you come across a movie which you end up watching more than 7 times in a week. Many times , the situation is you are in love with a character . This happens with DC IPs , Marvel IPs and some movie series . But when this happens with a simple experimental movie ,with no major starcast and marketing , it becomes an experience which screams to told and shared.


Inkaar came out in 2013. I didn’t saw it that time with Preetam because I had different taste at that time and life was hellfire then. Now when I look back at those times, I feel I was stupid then. But who knows, maybe I am stupid now and was wise then. Leave it , once what is done, is done; lamenting isn’t going change anything, I assume.


Inkaar was a movie with Rashomon story telling technique. It has multiple interpretations . This is my version. You may have different. And different versions breeds discussions which can lead to a wonderful evening of talks. Siddhant, are you listening?

Sudhir Mishra is a gifted film maker with an uncanny knack of making movies which can force you to think about the subject. His movie Inkaar is a treatise on corporate life, office politics , love and Sexual Harassment. While preparing for this movie , he was, I assume, in awe of the series Mad Men. He ended up writing a fan fiction account of Don Draper and Peggy Olsen.


Mishra and his team had done a brilliant work in setting up the characters.

He chose Arjun Rampal to play Rahul Verma , proverbial Don Draper. Smart , Charismatic and Arrogant, a small town boy who is not shy to let this achievements speaks for him. He is shown to worked on his attitude to shake off his small town complex and compete with the bullies from the metros. He is feared by the Upper Management as he is the brand of the agency KK & Doyle and loved by the subordinates for his support and grooming of talent by putting them at the right place at right time.


Then there is Chitrangada Singh as Maya Luthra, proverbial Peggy Olsen. Small town girl, ambitious , talented and bit-too-emotional. Don’t take quoted emotional in negative sense , it is an asset when your day job is to sell things to masses.
This is a story revolving around them which can be summarized as : “At a leading ad agency, the battle for the top job between Rahul Verma, the advertising CEO, and Maya Luthra, his ambitious protégée, takes an ugly turn when Maya files a sexual harassment complaint against Rahul.”

But is it that simple ?
No , it isn’t. It is a movie about the dark side of corporate culture. The corporate world is more or less like a black hole which sucks an individual into it with such force that an escape becomes impossible. As the individual is sucked deeper it becomes more and more difficult for him/her to lead a normal life. The relationships suffer as one fails to attend to the needs of the loved ones. And by the time one realizes that he/she is surrounded by more strangers than friends ,it’s too late.


The greatest challenge is to draw the line between flirtation and harassment. Once that is taken care of the next challenge is to fathom the reality that, contrary to the popular belief, both the sexes are equally prone to sexual harassment.
And that’s where the subjective element comes into the picture.

Who’s the victim? Who’s the accused?

The movie starts with the proceedings of the committee formed by the agency to sort out the matter internally without drawing much outside attention. As the hearing progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to discern who is speaking the truth and who is not. While the versions of Maya and Rahul only differ slightly there is enough deviation to perplex the most astute of minds.
The manner of proceedings, though completely alien to Indian cinema, is strikingly similar to Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s groundbreaking masterpiece Rashomon (1950), which is widely regarded as a cinematic treatise on the subjectivity of truth. In Rashomon, Kurosawa had highlighted, for the first time in cinema, that discrepancies can actually exist among the different versions of the same event (as narrated from the perspective of the different parties). These discrepancies testify the subjective nature of truth. This is sometimes also referred to as “The Rashomon Effect”. In Inkaar, Misha succeeds at several fronts (mostly from the cinematic point of view), but he fails miserably in one regard. Inkaar fails to remain true to its core theme, that of sexual exploitation. The typical Indian film audiences are not accustomed to shocks and surprises. They want to be spoon-fed and are easily agitated by a filmmaker who tries to test them in any manner. Maybe this is the reason why movie is not mainstream among audiences.

I am not going to write down the entire story here. Get up and see it . You will not regret it. If you regret it, tell me as that will be the time to talk about the future of our friendship or any relationship we have.

The lead actors get good support from the supporting cast.

Deepti Naval cameo is a major highlight of the movie.


Vipin Sharma’s Guptaji is a person who can be found around us very easily.


Kaizaad Kotwal shines as KK, a spineless named partner of the agency who is shit scared of the current happenings in the agency.

Inkaar is a movie for people who watches movies to broaden their perspectives.

Video Section:


Long time, no see? Must there be a reason.

Well there is no reason.

Actually there is. I have run out of ideas. Last month was tough, both mentally and physically. So didn’t went out much and seen something on which I can write.

Mentally , office work was all time high. Out of three projects in which I was involved (one alone and two with team), last one was the project which has maximum work and minimum learning. Previous two were brilliant projects, “work which involves learning new things” is always a good thing . But what is done, is done. Nothing will be gained by talking about it. Last project can be easily be a case study for B-Schools about how to not manage a project.

On the other side, I got sick and ended taking up a long leave. And that leave period wasn’t a good experience. You can’t enjoy anything when your body is in pain. So to keep myself busy, I ended up revising three complete movie series.
1. Indiana Jones.
2. Star Wars.
3. Tolkien Legendarium.

J.R.R. Tolkien was one of the early pioneer in the world of fantasy story writing. Tolkien is rightfully popularly identified as the “father” of modern fantasy literature—or, more precisely, of high fantasy.

Tolkien’s Legendarium was not the first fantasy story books I read in my life. Harry Potter series were the first and with every book in that series lead to a sense of “something is missing” in me and with the Tolkien’s Legendarium, I met with such finest literary work which completely blew away my mind. Tolkien created a “body of more or less connected legend”, of which “the cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama”.

George Lucas is also one of the finest story tellers in the world who created a completely new world with Star Wars series. Let’s see where the series will go on after the new sequels and spin-offs.

Both are the examples of what would happen if you let your imagination run wild in the right direction.

And as Harry Potter is concerned, I don’t have plans to read the latest book “Harry Potter and the cursed child” as it seems like just crushing the leaves to extract guttation fluid whatever is left in it after complete use in one cycle. Fluid may or may not come, but we will extract it, this is the thinking of the publisher and the studio who produced their theatre adaptations with a hope that it will make money and they are surely making money with that.

Akshar Pathak clearly demonstrated it in his tweet.


Creating a connected story universe.

This is where DCEU failed.

Yesterday I saw Suicide Squad. It was definitely better than the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice but same as the Ultimate Edition. Though it was funnier and have more coherent story structure, but it wasn’t good enough. People who had read and lived comic book storylines will agree with me on this but the newbies will disagree as they just started knowing things from the movies only. But let’s hope other titles which are due next year will be good as Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns had taken helm at DCEU and with trailers of Wonder Women and Justice League, things are looking good. Or it may be just my wishful thinking. I am a hardcore DC fan but I still admit Marvel had setup their cinematic universe brilliantly brick by brick. DC may have a long way to go but with their supportive fans both cinematic universes are here for some time. And hopefully we will get to see a lot of comic book adaptations.

Hey, why I am writing this type of things?
You may ask why there is no mention of girls, beers and some short stories and I will reply “Suckers, things are changed and I see fire. “.

Some movies are like wine, the older they get the more meaningful they become. One of that type of movie is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Brad Pitt’s one of the best performances. Right now it is going on in my laptop as with Torrent sites ban, I don’t have many new things to watch. It feels like we are again in the Napster Era where all media companies are against the free distribution of copyright materials but someway or another, it will be distributed. It is just a never ending battle between free distribution hackers and media industry lobbied governments. And we all know who will win this.

Okay enough chit-chat.

Now the songs which are #NowPlaying.

Comic Books : A Personal recollection


Suppose you are a shy kid and don’t like human interaction much and in your house lots of people come and go, then you just sit inside your room and wait for them to leave the house so that you don’t have to give replies to their god-forsaken questions.

But what you do locked up in a room? If you have a sibling you talk to him / her but there is a limit to what people can talk to each other. In this situation, imagine if your parents are intellectuals then your houses are filled up with lots of books, magazines and papers. When you are young, you don’t care much about the world and nation affairs, you care about the comic book snippets, crosswords and puzzles in their supplement. That’s how I entered the world of comic books. But with snippets in the papers and magazines, to know the complete story you have to wait 2-3 months as they only have 4-5 scenes per day. And if you are blessed with impatience, then your next logical step is Comic Books.

I never liked going my village (reason : water of that region doesn’t suit me and I use to get skin infections there) but going to villages is sort of annual pilgrimage in India (till now), so I didn’t had much choice. But traveling was a long affair as it used to take 3 days to go there and I always bought 7-8 comics during that entire trip. And those books were mainly Naagraaj, Super Commando Dhruv, Parmanu and Tiranga. Raj comics was the publisher. I used to think they were the coolest superheroes. But in one summer, we went to Patna to meet my relatives, my aunt’s son had came for holidays from his engineering college back then and he was teaching me how to play bike racing games on PC. That was my entry to the world of video games (but we are going to focus on comic books here, video games in later posts most probably ). One day he was watching a movie on HBO, the display screen was black, someone was jumping here and there in a cool car with cape, Jim Carrey was being Jim Carrey in a green tight fitting suit and Tommy Lee Jones was dating two beautiful ladies. Nicole Kidman became my first love of my life. I would still like to marry her if she wants to marry someone 20 years younger than her. So I went and sat with him and I saw Batman Forever. That incident introduced me to the wonderful world of DC comics. After that I asked my parents to subscribe to HBO and Star Movies at home. And began watching all the movies day in day out. I watched James Bond’s movies, Steel, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Centurion, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the list goes on. So Marvel Comics also happened. And in the holidays, I began to found out sitting and reading comics.

I started to find out the basic idea differences between DC and Marvel. DC is more realistic and true to engage your dark thoughts about the realism and the world. Marvel is about the Happy-go-lucky guys who sometimes get into difficult situations. In the same time, while on a trip to Tirupati, I read Karna’s and Rabindranth Tagore’s biographical graphic novel by Amar Chitra Katha.

That was my introduction to the world of Graphic novels. Definitions abound (a quick search on the internet will show you that), and are often confusing and contradicting. The Americans started calling this medium Graphic Novels and the Japanese Gekiga to differentiate it from comics and manga. It covers fiction as well as non-fiction, but is clearly meant for a mature audience. It’s all encompassing when it comes to genres. And its impact on pop-culture cannot be ignored.

So day by day, my obsession to these characters and storyline grew by leaps and bounds. I used to go through all the wiki and whatever I could find to learn about them.

With age, my fascination with sequential art remained undeterred and I felt myself gravitating towards stories of a higher literary calibre, told with an economy of words and deftness of brush strokes. These were stories that painted a broad canvas of human emotions in a way that I found very different from the more conventional text-only prose.

I had come a long way since then. Read a lot of comics, graphic novels, Mangas. With these books, I think English has become my first and go-to language. Now even I dream in English also.

Now a days I am reading The Dark Knight III The Master Race . Frank Miller and his talented team is bringing out the real depth in the Batman story line.

Now I believe I had given you enough motivation to start reading Graphic Novels. Fans of Tarantino and Rodriguez would love to read Lone Wolf and Cub – a staggering epic created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima in the seventies. These 28 volumes of manga (a total of 8700+ pages) are set in Tokugawa era Japan and tell the tale of a master swordsman and his young son. This masterpiece has served as an inspiration for some of the most brilliant moments in world cinema over the last 30 years.

Based on Paul Auster’s story City of Glass (from his acclaimed The New York Trilogy), City of Glass: The Graphic Novel serves as a successful example of an adaptation carried out by independent artists of a previously published piece of prose. David Mazzucchelli and Paul Karasik’s artwork takes the story to a dimension the original author could have never imagined possible.

And then there is A Contract with God by Will Eisner, the book that cemented the term Graphic Novel into modern lexicon. It is a collection of short stories set in a Depression-era-affected Jewish community of the 1930s.

Other interesting titles for collectors – Blankets by Craig Thompson, Bone by Jeff Smith, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Maus by Art Spiegelman.

But make sure you read Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I still hadn’t gone through it but it is on my list. After the college, it is becoming little tough as most graphic novels are printed and published abroad they can leave a sizeable hole in your pocket. And I have lots of bills to play.

So, go to a bookstore and give them a try. They aren’t bad and they are miles better than the cartoons of today like Chota Bheem. Rahul Gandhi likes Chota Bheem and you don’t want that your kid also ends up like Rahul Gandhi.



Now the regular sections.
Music videos which is on my Playlist now a days.
Tu Mera Nahin

Ghost Town : Madonna feat Taylor Swift

In other news,
My faith in humanity is shaken. Aargh!


Yes, Rants.

I do enjoy ranting about everything I find “rant-able”.

What is actually “ranting” ?
It is a long, angry and impassioned speech. (as per dictionary, Google it if you want)

It is generally religiously practiced by the old generation about the work, ideologies and beliefs of our current generation.

Don’t believe me? Go and talk to anyone above 55 years of age and sooner and later they will start it. As I was writing the above line, I just figured out a new definition of the word “ranting”.

Ranting is a long and angry speech which is very hateful in its origin but is presented in an intelligent sarcastic way. And it is not generalised, as not all elder people do it. Only those do it who has failed to achieve something and is generally jealous of some one younger who is showing some promise that he/she will achieve their goals.

Okay, now let’s begin ranting. But there are too many things I rant about day in and day out. And now that I have decided to rant about them in the blog to make it my legacy, I no longer remember them. I think the reason would be the movies I saw today. The movies were :
1. Ek paheli leela
2. The big lebowski
3. What women want

I know you are judging me because of the first mentioned film. But I had nothing to do and my pg owner chose the cheapest channel plan available and that left me with lots of hindi channels and South Indian channels and now a days Hindi channels are hell bent on only showing South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. So I decided to watch it because I kinda liked it’s songs. And the last part of the movie, the climax amazed me. It was not what I expected and I like everything that I can’t expect.

Then The Jeff Bridges redefined the definition of the word Dude in the cult classic The Big Lebowski. How I missed this piece of ultimate class and pop culture? I really need to re-evaluate the people with whom I spend my time, they aren’t adding anything new and are taking me back to the Stone age. I am more than interested in learning about Pop Culture now than ever and hoping that it will be of some use in the future. Right now it is pitch black from where I am standing and trying to peek into it.

What women want. No body in the world knows. I have met some really smart women in my life and what really made us part our way was our understanding(misunderstanding) of each other. Mel Gibson cracked that code and exploited it wonderfully in the movie. God, can I have that power also? Not for forever but for 1 hr daily for the rest of my life. That would be fine because that thing for 24 hrs, daily can really make things worse because  it is a real life not reel.

I ranted a little bit above. But it is not structured, it is random ; though I like randomness in real life but in work, I prefer to be structured.

The list of items on which I am going to rant about :
1. Comic book wannabe experts.
2. Wannabe technology experts.
3. Wannabe cool dudes.

1. Comic book wannabe experts.

Now a days, it seems like the storytellers in the Hollywood had run out of stories and they are just making lots of movies inspired from the fabled comics all thanks to the foresightedness of Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan who showed us what comic book movies should be. Disney/Marvel are just churning out movies like Rohit Shetty and they are doing a great job in making money but they are still far away from great content. And the people now a days, hadn’t read a comics in their entire life, don’t know what Manga is, Anime is, but they all saw some movies and started claiming they know everything about it and they are so high in their ignorance that it is quite impossible to bring them some understanding of the legacy of the comic books. Without knowing simple basics of the superheroes and villains, they are just making assumptions. Okay, making assumptions is not bad, but keep it with yourself only. You are not Frank Miller or Neil Gaiman and can never will be because you can’t think. So before you start commenting on what is what and who is who, better start reading some comics.

2. Wannabe Technology experts.
Now a days thanks to YouTube and several unemployed youtubers, you get a lots of bullshit opinions disguised as expert reviews on all technical devices, programming languages and upcoming technologies.
Imagine a high school failure who can’t even solve a simple calculus problem telling you about the Machine Learning.
Imagine a person whose first handheld device in his life was an iPhone and he is telling you about iOS vs Android and the best part is they are telling you in technical terms of which they also didn’t have any idea what it is.

3. Wannabe cool dudes.
Lots are around us. Telling us what to do, how to do, when to do and why to do irrespective of whether they had done that in their life or not. People have advices for almost everything and the way they tell you it almost makes you think, “is it even possible?”. And some are your friends, you can’t even ask them to Shut Up. But it has a solution also, slowly and slowly drift away from them, by doing that you aren’t burning the bridges, you are just going to the other end and you can always come back to meet them.

Now that I am tired of finding new content to add to this. I am adding new sections on my posts from now on. One will be a random cartoon pic which I encountered before pressing the Publish button and the another will be a song/video which I am hearing on Repeat mode in that period of time.

Random Cartoon :


Video on which I am hooked.

Shankar’s I


Saw “I” movie which was in the bucket of the movies to be watched. Only problem was that it was in Tamil. But somehow managed it. There are some movies which i want to see without doing any work like downloading and starting it up on my system. Now about the movie, it started well with a good combination of suspense, thrill and comedy but as the movie progressed, it started feeling that director was dragging the movie.  That much dragging the storyline feels good in books but in movies, we want a concise yet beautifully explained story with sufficiently less number of characters. Shankar did well with Robot. After its promo, expectations were quite high with this movie. This movie was a misfire, yet there were brilliant performances by Vikram and Sures Gopi who played Vasudevan. Three completely different looks by the Vikram along with the acting breadth saved the audience from dozing off.




Rest actors were just busy in overacting, imagine Upen Patel who doesn’t know what basic acting is, but is keen on doing overacting. But here is his improvement visible from his previous role in 36 China Town.


Amy Jackson, you are beautiful like a Barbie doll and you were doing exactly that part in movie decorating the movie sequences just as the barbie dolls decorate our showcases in the house when the the girl who played with the doll grew up and doesn’t want to threw away the doll. If the story was a little bit more tight,  it would have reduced the length of the movie and the movie would have become bearable. No body likes a relatively long movie if it is not made by Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or Christopher Nolan. Music wise, background music was good, some songs are catchy like Isaak Taari and Tum todo na and tu chale , and some are just pain in the ears like Aila Aila. Locations were great especially the China part in the movie.

If I was allowed to rate the movie, I would give it 5.5/10.

Mad Max Fury Road


It has been a while,  I had seen something of this super high octane caliber action film.  The last one was Captain America The Winter Soldier by the Russo Brothers.

When the first promo arrived of this movie,  I wasn’t impressed as i thought this could be like any mindless action movie. As for that time,  what I was really excited was for was Avengers Age of Ultron but that turned out to be a crap. Many argued that this has a storyline instead of action scenes but is that the case? No,  absolutely no. Iron Man 3 had the storyline I had ever seen in a Marvel Movie and in terms of pure awesomeness, Guardians of the  Galaxy. Rest was just OK type. (it may hurt Marvel fanboys, but truth will be truth).

Now back to the Mad Max.


Tom Hardy,  see that guy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,  and see him now in Mad Max,  that guy has outgrown himself since the Bane act in the The Dark Knight Rises.  He got a chance to relive his good old Bane days in the first half of the movie where he got a similar yet not so similar mask. He truly shows the complexity of his titular character,  first as a nomad, then as a blood bag slave to half souls,  then saving the breeders from Immortan Zoe and providing the emotional support to Furiosa.


Charlize Theron,  who are you?  Madonna of the Hollywood. Been a fan of you since Aeon Flux and was in love in with you since The Devils Adocate. You,  Madonna and George Clooney may have mastered the art of growing old gracefully and handsomely.


Immortan Zoe,  though being an important character in the movie without much screen time,  you thrilled the audience yet your climax was abrupt.

The movie is made for the 3D experience and will be extremely enjoyed during the destruction of the customised rigged vehicles.

Not even an action sequence was extra in the movie,  what was needed George  Miller delivered it.

The movie is a masterpiece and what was needed to bring back the Mad Max from his nomadic life.