Compounding effects of Life Experiences

February is about to end and I will write anything just to maintain the streak of writing every month. After all it’s an annual subscription. Post March, I may switch to Medium once and for all but there is some beauty in owning a domain for yourself. Who knows, may be one day it will … Continue reading Compounding effects of Life Experiences


Everytime once in a while , you come across a movie which you end up watching more than 7 times in a week. Many times , the situation is you are in love with a character . This happens with DC IPs , Marvel IPs and some movie series . But when this happens with … Continue reading Inkaar

Long time, no see? Must there be a reason.

Well there is no reason. Actually there is. I have run out of ideas. Last month was tough, both mentally and physically. So didn’t went out much and seen something on which I can write. Mentally , office work was all time high. Out of three projects in which I was involved (one alone and … Continue reading Long time, no see? Must there be a reason.

Comic Books : A Personal recollection

Suppose you are a shy kid and don’t like human interaction much and in your house lots of people come and go, then you just sit inside your room and wait for them to leave the house so that you don’t have to give replies to their god-forsaken questions. But what you do locked up … Continue reading Comic Books : A Personal recollection


Yes, Rants. I do enjoy ranting about everything I find “rant-able”. What is actually “ranting” ? It is a long, angry and impassioned speech. (as per dictionary, Google it if you want) It is generally religiously practiced by the old generation about the work, ideologies and beliefs of our current generation. Don’t believe me? Go … Continue reading Rant(s)…

Shankar’s I

Saw “I” movie which was in the bucket of the movies to be watched. Only problem was that it was in Tamil. But somehow managed it. There are some movies which i want to see without doing any work like downloading and starting it up on my system. Now about the movie, it started well … Continue reading Shankar’s I