Life is a bliss since last post (sort of).

Office Blues

Not in a fixed project, so have the power of going to and coming from office at anytime I desire but with one condition : Fortnightly average should be 9 hours. Cognizant was a good place to be at when I joined back in 2014 but with recent hiring of Infosys’ guys, it is becoming a Nazi Concentration camp,  month by month. That’s not good. You can’t just change your culture for the sake of some good for nothing MBA’s hired from a company which I have hated since childhood. I kinda liked Wipro but Infosys was a big no – no.

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon’s and Flipkart’s annual sale ended few weeks back.  Didn’t found anything worth buying. But got a very good deal for Kindle Unlimited. 50% discount for all the Kindle Unlimited subscription plan.The Kindle Unlimited library has 10 millions + books. Thanks to the deal, I ended up reading a lots of books in just 2 weeks. Average would be 1 book in a day. That’s cool even for my reading speed standard. 

Kindle Unlimited is a nice online library sort of service. You can go to the Kindle  Unlimited catalog to select the books and at max, you can take only 10 books to read and after that return one to get a new one. Just hoping Amazon to give me a nice deal when my subscription ends next October.

Here is the complete list of all the books which I consumed so far.


  1. India has surely come a long way since Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta days. Ravi Subramanian and Vish Dhamija are leading the pack. Their writing is a goal for the all the aspiring writers. Ravi Subramanian and Vish Dhamija are the only contenders to be the India’s John Grisham. Very detailed and absolutely no plot loopholes.
  2. Self-help books are shit books. They aren’t useful. Main thing is to listen to your heart but take a step forward by consulting your brain only. Your heart can take you to the drainage of your locality.
  3. Trying out new authors can be a tricky situation as most of the books are bound to be shit like the Sachin Garg’s, ” Come on Inner Peace! I don’t have all day!”. The worst book I have read in my life so far. I thought maybe this book is bad but when I inquired some of my friends about Sachin Garg’s other books, reviews were quite similar to mine observation. His books are shit. He just writes to capitalize on the recent trends. Above mentioned book is a capitalisation on Breaking Bad. Inshort, Sachin Garg is worse than Chetan Bhagat. Rest you can figure out if you have ever read books apart from courseworks.


Why do I write? 

Somewhere down the line I realized that complete strangers were frequenting my blog and sharing their views with me. I started receiving mails from people who sometimes agreed with me whole heartedly and sometimes were at loggerheads with me. This was fun. Blogging had suddenly become a means for intellectualization, for debate, for arguments and for agreements. But somewhere around this point things started going wrong. Vanity they say is the Devil’s favorite sin. I started getting a kick out of the fact that my blog was receiving around 100 unique hits daily. Checking the site meter and net traffic records became an obsession. The simple reason for which I had started my blog was lost. I just wanted to share my life, my views and my thoughts with my friends. But I will not give up blogging. My blog, since it is essentially about my life, might seem like an exercise in ego-feeding to some but to me it is the only way of communication with my friends. So I will continue blogging in the same way I have been for the last 16 months. No site-meter, no net traffic records, just blogging. I have enjoyed the discussions that resulted from my blog and I hope my writing inspires further discussions. In all of these, I noticed a strange thing. Strangers are more interested in talking about my posts than my known people. They just ignore whatever I write. I don’t know the reason.

The reasons may be on these possible observations:

  • they are too primitive to understand these things.
  •  they actually have a life which I know they don’t. Suckers.
  • Some are too busy in their ego-feeding and false superior thinking that they just can’t appreciate some original thinking. (Jealous Assholes)


Better to ignore them and carry on blogging, amigo. May the force be with you!

One thing good has happened in all these blogging years and I am quite happy about it.Thoughts are getting converted to words more easily these days and there is a new clarity in my thinking.




Startups… Famine or Fad?

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Hearing this, you start feeling like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and blood flow gets strong and hot and you, suddenly, gets motivated. Up to this it is right, but after that procrastination begins. You start imagining big houses, fat paychecks (investor’s money asusual), foreign vacations, and what not ;we people are surely very creative in imagination and procrastination.

Now, I may be wrong, but I feel being a part of startup is now a fad among the present generation. I am not saying that I am good and more intelligent than others, but I do have a keen sense of what will work and what will not work and when I say it, you have to believe me as I can 95% correctly predict what will work and what will not.

Why I feel it is a Fad?
Because nothing is getting solved. What is the point of starting a company if you are not solving a problem and if you are not solving a problem, atleast you should address the current market creatively.

Flipkart was the first mover in the E-retail segment in India. Then it was followed by Snapdeal, Shopclues and Amazon. Mind you, Indiatimes was the pioneer but they lacked the marketing. Flipkart’s founders used to work at Amazon, so the concept was not new, it was copied but it was copied beautifully in a way Snapdeal doesn’t understood what that was till now. But as now Flipkart is planning to go app only, Snapdeal will have a chance. I was talking to my uncle,  he is a tech savvy man but still he doesn’t want to rely completely on app to do online shopping. His points are valid, he doesn’t trust the images shown in the mobile devices. Imagine seeing the products on the 4,4.5,5,5.5 inch screens, do you see them as clearly as they are seen on the large screens of desktop, laptop and tablets (not phablets).  Certainly not.

I know a lot of my friends who hadn’t done any online transaction on any e-commerce site on the desktop even because they are afraid to do so ( PayU, Paytm, Mobikwik are you listening, you are losing your audience here) .  Let alone they are going to do that on app.

Snapdeal will have an opportunity to address those customers and quickly capture their mind. Hiring top techies, improving UI and advertising is not going to help unless you aren’t on your customers mind. And for that you have to be very reliable in your service. And that is the issue. Considering Flipkart’s ownership of WSRETAIL and Amazon’s strong international funds of both money and technology, you have to step up your game.

I was writing about startup – fad but I somehow started sharing my thoughts about the e-commerce in India. (it has a completely different back story which is of no value to you).

If observed carefully, it can be seen in other industries also.

Let’s take an example of the state of the cab services industry.
Uber started, Ola copied creatively and managed to buy Taxi for Sure and beat Meru in the market but failed to crack the puzzle of how to make money. You just can’t keep on burning the Investor’s money. Uber is the only cab services company which is earning something. Lyft was touted as the Uber killer but where it is now? It seems like an exclusive cab service provider.

Same is there in the food ordering industry with Zomato, Foodpanda and Tinyowl. Zomato is actually doing something and rest are just burning money.

And now let’s talk about the fabled entrepreneurs. Very few are humble and rest like to keep their heads so high that they feel they are God. I have my fair share of experiences in dealing with them. They have the money in the bank accounts but not a single viable product in the market and yet they are hell bent of self advertising themselves on the social media. Dude, get a life, nobody cares. You are just a fad and you will be gone one day and without a viable useful product no one will remember you. Silly you. Not all are like that, some are very good in nature and inspite of their very busy schedule and without knowing me personally, they helped me sort out my life and for that I will be obliged to them forever. They are just an email away.

Enough, rest you think. I had given you food for thought.

Summary : Be humble. Don’t rub people the wrong way. And start a company only when you can solve a problem.