New Dream and Disastrous Food

Today after 4/5 months, I left the office early around 6pm as there was not much left to do. So I left with a hope that I will have something good for the dinner after my disastrous lunch at ESC, Manyata Tech Park.

I spotted a short scrawny 22-something girl was standing with a tall (very) stunning enchantress. Contempt, hatred and loathing for my very being were tightly packed together in an unwavering look from the short one. I have drawn some sharp reactions from people in the past but this was the oddest of them all. And from a stranger who I could have squashed under my foot? Never!

Now I should have been thinking about an appropriate expression for my face. But somewhere the Tall Girl Alert had been activated in my brain and all thought processes had ceased. Instead of looking at the little one I was staring at the tall one. After a few seconds I realised I wasn’t blinking and I ordered this (I about to order something else but I am incorrigible about Tall Girls, I guess).


There is this nice little shopping complex at Nagavara where I go quite often. Avishek needed to check out Samsung J7 as he finally decided to upgrade his old and tender Samsung Galaxy Duos after 4 long years. We went and enquired about it and before leaving we decided to have an Ice cream but I am not fond of the Ice cream shop there so I decided to have McDonald’s McFlurry.

Today as I was going about savoring every last piece of my order a big business family walked in. There was an old lady who was probably the head of the house hold and accompanying her were her three daughters-in-law with a whole bunch of toddlers. The old lady was a domineering woman with complete control over the workings of her family. Her sons kept calling her on the four mobiles that each of them were carrying and asking her permission to do this and that.She sat like an old powerful queen on the chair with her family members sitting all around her trying to please her and elevate themselves in her eyes. I was impressed by this matriarchal display of authority in what seemed to be an otherwise traditional Indian family. 

But then my eyes fell on the three daughters-in-law. All of them were wearing sarees and their heads were covered with the pallu as a mark of respect towards their mother-in-law (or maybe they had no other choice but to keep their heads covered). None of them looked a day over twenty-five and in fact one of them looked even younger than me. She had a baby in her arms and every now and then she would look at it and give a small, almost invisible and inaudible sigh. All of them had a smile on their face, a very synthetic smile, a very artificial smile which was not in keeping with the great food I was having. 

I stopped eating to take a better look at them, to peer through their eyes and see the truth behind those fake smiles. All I could see were broken dreams and crushed ambitions. All around them were young people talking excitedly about their future plans, their careers, the new film in the theatres; and sitting there with their heads covered and listening intently yet uninterestedly to an old queen were these three young women. Marriage and motherhood slapped on their faces. 

One could argue that they were happily married and what woman wouldn’t want to be a mother. May be the only ambition they ever nurtured was to become a house wife and raise sons who would grow up and marry more women like them or raise daughters who would be married off into other such families. May be they all enjoyed covering their heads with the pallu and listening to the words of wisdom of the old queen. But why did I hear the faint cry of a dream, a dream which knew its end was inevitable. She looked at the baby and took another sigh.

May be a new dream was born.

Now, videos time.


Indulgence is a funny thing and is known to us as addiction (in context) and has a very biased interpretation.

While addiction is considered bad and wrong,  people boast about their Indulgences.

Is it right?
I don’t know as I have indulged in lots of things, from the time I remember. It was a lot of things and I paid for that, with my everything.

Indulgence is vanity…  Vanity is sin…
But sins are fun, isn’t it?

I have my fair share of Indulgences (or addiction, as you may like to call it) in my life. But they didn’t last long. They were short termed.

As far as I remember, clearly,  first one was eating Jaljeera. I ate that so much that I ended up in hospital with jaundice. That was a very bad experience ( imagine eating boiled food for almost 2 months and stomach ache, phew).
Then came the turn of Milky bar choo. I started on it because I needed tattoos but soon my focus changed from tattoos to the Milky bar choo.
Then came the turn of Dairy milk shots and Nuggets ( I still love Nuggets and i still can’t control myself, if I see it anywhere.).
Then came the turn of some serious addictions and that costed me my health and even admittance in the emergency unit of the hospital and that too at the time of my college placements and I lost much more than ever. But now,  I am good, sober and decent. Though I enjoy it sometimes,  but it is under control.

But the danger, now a days, is my addiction of Donuts and Chicken Biryani (Veg Biryani doesn’t count in the Biryani family as it is just a marketing game to earn money from vegetarians and Mutton Biryani, never had a decent one till now). I just can’t resist the temptation of Donuts and Chicken Biryani though sometimes it hurts a lot . In my current city, Bengaluru, i had relished Biryani at nearly all popular food joints and some I loved and some I hated and wanted to chop the head of the cook for destroying the Feeling of Biryani. No one can mess with the Biryani lovers. We have feelings, too.

I had Donuts for the first time last year and didn’t enjoy much but last month I not only enjoyed it, I fell in love with it. Krispy Kreme, stop making donuts, you are not good, not at all good. Mad over Donuts, step up and compete with Dunkin Donuts. I like you more than Dunkin, Mad over Donuts. Please step up the game.

Damn, even writing about it made me hungry.

Blog Courtesy : Mrs Shubhra Verma ( mamiji)