Adieu 2016! 

Okay, again we are in the month : December.

Time for all the New Year resolutions to be revisited to see how many points decided by us is actually done by us. Some guys will have all the points taken care by them, some will have partial and then some who hadn’t done anything. Those people are my people and we all comprises the group Procrastinators. We are sometimes ran over by the world and sometimes we run over the world. Okay, enough of this shit chat.

I don’t know about your 2016 but I hope it was equally exciting like my 2016. On the hindsight, it was ying-yang year for me.  Lots of good things happened , but I have seen the worst of things too.

Year started on a good note, will end on a good note most probably but in the middle it was a bumpy ride. If you are a regular here, you would know if you don’t, then let me ask you What the fuck are you doing here? Never mind, you and me, we both are incorrigible. Animal instincts, may be.

So now let’s count good things:

  1. Star Wars Rogue One.

  2. Inkaar.

  3. Billions.

  4. Batman v superman ultimate edition.

  5. Suicide Squad.

  6. Sultan.

  7. Fan.

  8. Dear Zindagi.

The bad things :

  1. Batman v superman theatrical cut

  2. Dengue

  3. Leg fracture

Those are the main things, important things which are accounted. There are definitely lots of things which aren’t accounted but exists.

Let’s try to remember them chronologically.

  • Got chance to work with 2 brilliant clients. Met some interesting people there. Some were terrifically brilliant and some, terribly stupid. But it was an experience working with them.
  • Saw some brilliant Series this year. Billions. House MD. Incorporated (ongoing). Bulls (ongoing).
  • Met some wonderful peoples. Made some friends. Made some enemies. This year, new enemies outnumbered new friends. Woah!, this is a bad thing. Hoping that 2017 will bring a different situation.
  • Rekindled some old friendships. Hero and Gillu shifted to Bangalore. Scientist shifted to Hyderabad but is coming back in January ‘17. Selfie switched to Wipro.
  • Khiru is now an Auditor at C&AG. Finally, he found something he will enjoy doing.
  • 1 hair cut in entire year and that too because I got dengue and needed to go to Jamshedpur and folks at home don’t like long hairs. Will try for 2 in 2017.
  • Due to on-off hospital visits, no trips this year.
  • Some pics I took this year of which I am proud of. You can have a quick look at them if you want.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • One plus one got retired in early August. Today there was news of Cyanogen Inc shutting down.
  • Two friends bought DSLR ‘s and I liked their photography pages on Facebook. One is a brilliant photographer, other I don’t understand what does he wants to do other than attention seeking.

On the blogging side :

25 posts. (Target of posting twice a month achieved.)

1145 visitors. (Last year it was 850)

12000 views.  (Last year it was ~9000)
These figures are disappointing considering the points that not even the people present in my friendlist (both Facebook and Twitter) reads them. Only 2-3 reads them and I know it thanks to WordPress comprehensive stats system. So when your friend circle doesn’t read it, then how it will reach to more people because they have to react to it so that it may reach to more (different) people from their respective friendlists. But they don’t read it and if they are reading it, they need to react on it. I have around 320 people in my Facebook friendlist and only 65 accepted Page-like request.
This year’s biggest lesson :

You need to have a vehicle to gain and maintain friends if you don’t have good looks.

I don’t know how to ride and drive and I am definitely not decent looking. So that explains all.
Fuck you guys! May you all rot in hell.

A pretty insignificant year, I think.

This time, there isn’t a video section, instead there is my Saavn playlist for the year 2016.

Atlast , Happy New Year fellas ! 



The year(s) that were…

Another year is coming to an end. And I am sad. I am sad because I didn’t really make this one count. For that matter I haven’t made the last 23 years count either. Everyday I go to sleep, not because I am tired and exhausted by the day’s work, but because I have nothing better to do. I don’t remember the last time I slept after being completely spent and used; each and every muscle of my body aching for some respite from the hard work. I don’t remember the last time I said out loud, “That is a good day’s work. I need some rest now.” There are no accomplishments since there are no goals. I am just hanging on to one last ray of hope – the confidence that I am on the right path – the path that leads to being satisfied at the end of the day. That is the goal of my otherwise goal-less life: to sleep when I am exhausted because of the day’s work.

Let me start by giving an account of what has happened since last 2 year.
  • 2 Breakups.
  • Messed up life at Office.
  • Almost nothing significant programming.
  • No concept went from drawing board to implementation.
  • Lots of Lamenting.
  • 4 times bankruptcy.
  • Met some very horrible people.(Praying for you guys to ROT in hell)

In short : Health gone, Wealth gone and Mind gone.

The last 2 years had also been fruitful in few ways and those few ways are going to decide the next coming years will be.

 In the last few weeks , I was doing some research on :
        1. Performance Testing/Engineering
        2. Javascripts and JQuery.
        3. Human Computer Interaction.
        4. To MBA or Not to MBA?

Performance Testing/Engineering isn’t that bad as I was told early on.They said bad things about it because they don’t know a single thing about it and also have no interest in learning about it. They are just swimming with the flow that only “development” jobs are good. God save you guys , because I am now tired of explaining things to you. It would be nice if you open your eyes and read some REAL things and try to understand it if you can/are able to.

Javascript is the father of the Front end design frameworks. JQuery gets the “shit done”, so you can’t ignore it even if you want to.Frameworks like AngularJS , EmberJs , BackboneJS,(god knows the complete list as till this blog post is completed, few more will be born by exploiting Javascript). I can go on and on ranting about it but you aren’t going to listen , so let’s hear the rants from a well known Front End guy ,

Mr Harish Sivaramakrishnan

I like programming and love technology from early on but what is the use of all that if people aren’t using it. There Human Computer Interaction comes into play. It is a very big thing and I can’t summarize it in few lines. So you can go to these links and give yourself some good food for thoughts.


MBA is a controversial topic for me. Every morning I want to do it and everyday before dozing off I decides MBA is for the people who can’t do anything on their own. I may be wrong , I may be right. But I have seen a hell lot of people to whom MBA didn’t help a lot and I still have to meet someone who can truly justify to me MBA was worthwhile to them.

So its high time that I strike back. 2016 here I come in  21 days.

It is almost time to make some New Year resolutions. And this could take some time as deciding practical things takes time. So I’ll leave you with these thoughts:

The minute a man is convinced that he is interesting, he isn’t.


But more than that shoot out to the Egg Biryani Girl who has a million-dollar smile whom I saw five times in the last seven days.It is my firm belief that this is the Universe’s way of telling me to wake up and do something about my life. Opportunity has knocked on my door a number of times, it has even gatecrashed into my life’s boring party a number of times but I have been too dumb-witted to recognize it. Anthony Hopkins said in ‘Meet Joe Black’: Lightning may strike. And I have been waiting a long time for lightning to strike. But it hasn’t.