Books : How and Why

Today, I snoozed my alarm 3 times before realizing that I, too, have to go to the office. So I got ready and went for the breakfast and I have a very bad habit of continuously doing 2-3 things together and I know it is bad as nothing gets my full attention but what to do, I still have to figure that out. Now back to what I was telling ; before I started about my ( bad ) habits. So this Times of India article caught my attention.

And I just realised that Books are the last things in the world on which I really want a war on. But right now, a war is brewing among the readers all over the world and it is not about the Books, it is about the medium. And the main two involved media are the Physical form Prints and Digital form Ebooks.

Before I start to share my thoughts on this, it would be nice that you go through this short video ; it is a nice introduction if you still haven’t figured out what I am talking about. It is from Jumpstart’14 and it shows Anshumani Ruddra silencing an overconcerned self righteous parent ( so called educator ) on the very same topic which I am discussing.

Talk about influence of book and mobile apps(games included) by Anshumani Ruddra at Jumpstart’14.

Now you may question me that the above video is about the influence of books and mobile apps ( games in this context ) on the children but it is a well known fact that the habits which we develop as a child goes with the us to our deathbed also and believe me if I say that the most legal and cheapest test subjects in the today’s world are the children. See around you, we all are merely the results of the experiments of our parents. Our taste, choices and decisions are the results of the ideological experiments of our parents. This may sound absurd. But see around you, we want to give our children nice experiences and facilities which we never got in our childhood and yet we don’t want them to be get spoiled but if we give our children everything that they demand they are sooner or later going to be spoiled, but we can’t say that it is going to happen, there are chances but we don’t know and say that for sure. This is a experiment, isn’t it? Think about it. Sooner or later, we have to raise kids. 😉

So I think now you have got the gist of what I want to talk about.

Books are our first friends outside our parents. And our parents, usually, are the medium through which we meet them.

Books tells us what to expect from the world. It tells us about the different types of world which exists in our world. It tells us about the future, past and present scenarios of the world through the view points of different thinkers who are nice enough to share their viewpoint with us ( not everyone wants to share their experiences and viewpoints ).

Books gives us the food for thought. It gives us the base upon which we can make our stories. The list is endless.

But is a war needed for the books on the basis of medium in which it is consumed? No, definitely no.

Whatever medium we may choose but books should be consumed, i mean read.

Now back to the main topic, every individual has a choice and they do things according to that. And that same choice and taste goes to the selection of books to read.

But should we read only those books which interest us? No. We should read everything and anything on which we could get our hands on , that way we can learn a lot of things about lots of things. Sometimes even knowing something which is not of your domain helps a lot in surprising situations which is sometimes very fruitful.

So buy the books, physical, which is of your taste and go for the digital ones of the other types of books. And in case you loved the book, buy it too.

It feels good to see your own little library at the home, isn’t it?

So, be smart when to buy a physical book and when to buy a digital one.

But Read, read and read. It will open millions of gates for you to have a wonderful journey.

Special Mention goes to the beautiful exotic-looking and enchanting specimen of the opposite fairer sex whom I saw last Friday and got introduced on Monday.I was instantly attracted towards her, something about her appearance revolted me and due to that this post come out after 3-4 sittings which proves I am under a lot of distraction these days.