Mad Max Fury Road


It has been a while,  I had seen something of this super high octane caliber action film.  The last one was Captain America The Winter Soldier by the Russo Brothers.

When the first promo arrived of this movie,  I wasn’t impressed as i thought this could be like any mindless action movie. As for that time,  what I was really excited was for was Avengers Age of Ultron but that turned out to be a crap. Many argued that this has a storyline instead of action scenes but is that the case? No,  absolutely no. Iron Man 3 had the storyline I had ever seen in a Marvel Movie and in terms of pure awesomeness, Guardians of the  Galaxy. Rest was just OK type. (it may hurt Marvel fanboys, but truth will be truth).

Now back to the Mad Max.


Tom Hardy,  see that guy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,  and see him now in Mad Max,  that guy has outgrown himself since the Bane act in the The Dark Knight Rises.  He got a chance to relive his good old Bane days in the first half of the movie where he got a similar yet not so similar mask. He truly shows the complexity of his titular character,  first as a nomad, then as a blood bag slave to half souls,  then saving the breeders from Immortan Zoe and providing the emotional support to Furiosa.


Charlize Theron,  who are you?  Madonna of the Hollywood. Been a fan of you since Aeon Flux and was in love in with you since The Devils Adocate. You,  Madonna and George Clooney may have mastered the art of growing old gracefully and handsomely.


Immortan Zoe,  though being an important character in the movie without much screen time,  you thrilled the audience yet your climax was abrupt.

The movie is made for the 3D experience and will be extremely enjoyed during the destruction of the customised rigged vehicles.

Not even an action sequence was extra in the movie,  what was needed George  Miller delivered it.

The movie is a masterpiece and what was needed to bring back the Mad Max from his nomadic life.