Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice


It’s been 2 years since Zack Snyder revealed his pet project (which also happens to be a dream of every comic book fans), Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. The logo and the casting news broke the Internet. It had the plethora of opinions regarding lots of aspects of the movie :

Zack Snyder’s capabilities of making a serious movie. Hopes were high since he stayed true to original materials during Watchmen and 300.

Ben Affleck’s casting as The Batman given his bad portrayal of Daredevil(some believe it was bad but i adored its R rated version as production studio streamlined the movie to give it a shorter run time).

Gal Gadot’s as Wonder Woman as she is scrawny and the weirdest thing was that some were even saying that she doesn’t have the right sized boobs to play Wonder Woman. (this is some serious shitty thinking of some idiots , why don’t you find yourself a muck of drain water and try to swim in it)

And then came 2015, Warner Bros released the first trailer at Comic Con. And people thought they are going to see the Frank Miller version of the epic brawl of two titans on the silver screen. All the criticisms surrounding the Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder and Gal Gadot died and all the Marvel’s fans too.

Then Suicide Squad trailer came and the Batman atop Joker’s car scene killed whatever doubt was there. Wonder Woman’s standalone movie entered shooting and leaked images killed the Gal Gadot’s casting doubt. So the things were in favor of this movie.

Now the year is 2016 and the movie released all over the world. Being a follower of Rotten Tomatoes and Imdb, I was in quite a doubt is the movie that bad. It has 34% rating on Rating Tomatoes and faced quite a fall in its Imdb rating from 9.4(Wednesday night) to 7.7(Friday night) . But as promised to my Uncle and Aunt, I had booked the tickets. I was in confused state when I was going to the movie. Lots of expectations usually leads to an epic emotional crush. And that didn’t happen today. It was a mixed experience. I was happy seeing a Batman who is true to the original material and sad because incoherent storylines makes me feel sleepy and when you are a sleep deprived, you can sleep at any moment given chance.

The movie started with the Thomas and Martha Wayne murder scene and Bruce Wayne’s fall into the pit which is actually a cave full of bats. Then we go to Superman – Zod fight in the Metropolis which Bruce Wayne was experiencing first hand. And when he found a man who lost his both legs and a girl who just got orphaned during the neck-cracking finale of Man of Steel, he starts to think of a fight which will make Superman and the world more cognizant of his capabilities. Or, wait — is it because Wayne thinks everyone is too into authoritarianism to see how insane it is to trust Superman? Or maybe he simply can’t see past Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) tricks and an ongoing media narrative that Superman is dangerous. The rest of the movie is incoherent collection of fight scenes which are good enough to make us forget their deeper meaning. Getting hung up on themes in a movie like Batman v Superman is like going to a steakhouse and getting miffed with the asparagus. You only start to notice the little things if the stuff you’re there for isn’t up to par.

Therein is Snyder’s ultimate failure: His fight scenes featuring Batman and Superman are just fine. The two throw punches. Superman is stronger. Batman uses gadgets. It’s all set to a rock ‘n’ roll Hans Zimmer score that Snyder uses when he wants things to be dramatic. The weightless CGI-fest begins to bleed together and morph into an exercise in risk-averse repetition.

Megaton fight scenes are the reason people will put up with bad dialogue or bad logic in a film, so it’s an outright tragedy when Batman v Superman’s showdowns become as boring as the rest of it.

Jesse Eisenberg rocked as Lex Luthor in the beginning but later turned out to be a less frightening Joker without a motive.

Gadot’s Diana Prince is a spellbinding combination of Amazonian brawn and a gliding, regal sylph. I just wish she had more to do, because she’s excellent with what little material she’s given.

Affleck does a fine job portraying a weary, more brittle Dark Knight than we’re used to seeing. It helps that he’s guided by Jeremy Irons’s winsome Alfred. Snyder got the chemistry right between Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Jeremy Irons and Ben Affleck are the Alfred and Batman/Bruce Wayne we deserved.

As a spy in 2015’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Cavill showed us he can manifest all kinds of charm — but Batman v Superman doesn’t ask him to use that skill, or even to flash a wry smile, while playing the god from Krypton. Batman v Superman’s Superman is more weepy than inspiring.

What happens when the stuff that’s supposed to break you out of the monotony is just as monotonous as everything else?



Mad Max Fury Road


It has been a while,  I had seen something of this super high octane caliber action film.  The last one was Captain America The Winter Soldier by the Russo Brothers.

When the first promo arrived of this movie,  I wasn’t impressed as i thought this could be like any mindless action movie. As for that time,  what I was really excited was for was Avengers Age of Ultron but that turned out to be a crap. Many argued that this has a storyline instead of action scenes but is that the case? No,  absolutely no. Iron Man 3 had the storyline I had ever seen in a Marvel Movie and in terms of pure awesomeness, Guardians of the  Galaxy. Rest was just OK type. (it may hurt Marvel fanboys, but truth will be truth).

Now back to the Mad Max.


Tom Hardy,  see that guy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,  and see him now in Mad Max,  that guy has outgrown himself since the Bane act in the The Dark Knight Rises.  He got a chance to relive his good old Bane days in the first half of the movie where he got a similar yet not so similar mask. He truly shows the complexity of his titular character,  first as a nomad, then as a blood bag slave to half souls,  then saving the breeders from Immortan Zoe and providing the emotional support to Furiosa.


Charlize Theron,  who are you?  Madonna of the Hollywood. Been a fan of you since Aeon Flux and was in love in with you since The Devils Adocate. You,  Madonna and George Clooney may have mastered the art of growing old gracefully and handsomely.


Immortan Zoe,  though being an important character in the movie without much screen time,  you thrilled the audience yet your climax was abrupt.

The movie is made for the 3D experience and will be extremely enjoyed during the destruction of the customised rigged vehicles.

Not even an action sequence was extra in the movie,  what was needed George  Miller delivered it.

The movie is a masterpiece and what was needed to bring back the Mad Max from his nomadic life.